13 Of The Hottest Guys From The 80s That Got Hotter

We all have that one guy that we thought was so handsome back in the day and fortunately for us if they are one of the guys on this list, they aged very well! Do you even remember what George Clooney or Liam Neeson looked like back then? Check them out:

1. Rob Lowe

Here is Rob in 1983 and him again in 2014. Looks amazing for 50-years-old.

2. John Stamos

The hair is still there throughout the ages!

3. Brad Pitt

Who else thinks Brad Pitt looks hotter now than then?

4. Johnny Depp

Remember him on 21 Jump Street? He aged very well!

5. Denzel Washington

It looks like he has not aged one day!

6. Matt Dillion

Remember when he was on The Outsider’s? He’s looking even hotter than ever now!

7. Will Smith

Remember falling in love with him on Fresh Prince? He looks even better now!

8. Jason Bateman

Do you remember this guy?

9. George Clooney

Who else fell in love with that jawline?

10. Dylan McDermott

Remember him from Steel Magnolia? Look at him at the ripe age of 53!

11. Tom Cruise

We think that he has just gotten hotter as the years have gone by!

12. Liam Neeson

We have all grown to love Liam.

13. Lenny Kravitz

Still looking hot as ever!