13 Girl Bands That You Will Only Remember If You Grew Up In The 80s

Girl bands were a huge part of music when we were growing up. With some dodgy hair and fashion choices, including massive bouffants and shaved sides of heads paired with some iconic costumes, every genre had its own girl band heroes.

From pop, glam-rock, hip-hop, punk and metal music, do you remember listening to all of these bands?

1. Bananarama

Bananarama in matching red outfits

This British-born band Bananarama consisted of three ladies that had been friends their entire life. They had several big hits, including songs such as ‘It Ain’t What You Do’ and ‘Really Saying Something’.

We just loved singing along into a hairbrush microphone to get us in the mood for a big night out!

2. The Bangles

Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, Vicki Peterson and Annette Zilinskas of The Bangles now

The Bangles formed in Los Angeles and consisted of two sisters, Debbie and Vicki Peterson, as well as Susanna Hoffs and Annette Zilinskas. We all knew the classic songs ‘Eternal Flame’ and ‘Hero Takes a Fall’. This was also the band behind the much loved, famous tune ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’.

The band had a hiatus throughout the nineties before getting back together in 1998. They’re still together today, and we can’t wait to hear some new catchy tunes!

3. The Go Go’s

The Go Go’s are an American new wave band. They were the first all-female band to both write their own songs and play their own instruments.

The Go Go's

They played a ‘farewell’ tour in 2016, but still perform together sporadically.

4. Vanity 6

Vanity 6 was formed by the late Prince, who had a vision of the three women performing in lingerie and singing sensual songs about sex and fantasy. They weren’t shy of donning a revealing swim suit. Or less… Prince had apparently always dreamed of mentoring a band, and finally he had his chance.

Vanity 6

Despite several lineup changes, the band achieved relative success, with their first single ‘He’s so Dull’ appearing in the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation.

5. Salt-n-Pepa

Salt-N-Pepa are an American hip-hop girl group formed in 1985. Their debut album Hot, Cool and Vicious sold more than a million copies worldwide, making them the first female rap act to achieve gold and platinum status.


The band are still active to this day, and we bet their catchy songs will be stuck in your head for years to come!

6. Exposé

Exposé is an American Latin freestyle vocal group. You might know them from classic hits such as ‘Seasons Change’.

Gioia Bruno, Ann Curless and Jeanette Jurado of Exposé at the 32nd Grammys

The band currently tour all over the world, singing songs both old and new.

7. The Pointer Sisters

The Pointer Sisters are an American R&B singing group, originally from California. Their repertoire is broad, featuring songs from various genres including jazz, blues and Latin music.

The Pointer Sisters

Whilst there are four members of the band, they mostly perform as a trio, rotating the lineup.

8. Seduction

Seduction was an American female dance-pop and house trio. Their biggest single ‘Two to Make it Right’ was a number two hit in the charts.

The single cover for 'Heartbeat' by Seduction

The original group unfortunately disbanded in 1991, although there have been several reformations since.

9. The Cover Girls

The Cover Girls were a New York-based freestyle group, who had several big hits. ‘Show Me’ and ‘My Heart Skips a Beat’ were some of their best-known tracks.

The single cover for 'Show Me' by The Cover Girls

They were even featured in a documentary called ‘Legends of Freestyle’.

10. Klymaxx

Funk dance group Klymaxx was formed in 1981. They had a few hit songs on the top 100 charts.


By the end of the 80s, this group was no longer six but three.

11. Company B

Once again, we see another freestyle group hit the big time with Company B. Their first single, ‘Fascinated’, created a lot of buzz in the Miami club scene.

Company B in matching white suits

They were soon snapped up by Atlantic Records, with whom they released a full-length album.

12. Vixen

Do you remember Vixen? They made waves in LA’s Glam Metal scene.

Vixen in black leather and denim outfits

The band is still going, albeit with a different lineup, and they are set to release a new album in 2020.

13. The Mary Jane Girls

JoJo McDuffie, Cheri Bailey, Candi Ghant and Maxi Wuletich of The Mary Jane Girls

The Mary Jane Girls were a funk, soul and and R&B band. They learned from Rick James, obviously!

Some of their biggest hits included the classic tracks ‘In my House’ and ‘All Night Long’.