13 Disney One-Liners That You Loved As A Kid

Most of us grew up watching these films over and over. Therefore, we became very familiar with the lines of our favorite movies. They were the perfect joke or catchphrase that you could use in your own life when the circumstances arose.   Here is a list of your favorites, just in case you forgot some of them over the years. Maybe you can revive them again!

1. “I can’t believe it, I’m losing to a rug.” Genie – Aladdin.

Genie was full of great lines that you shared with your friends.

2. “I’m surrounded by idiots.” Scar – The Lion King.

We just had to be careful not to hurt anyone’s feelings when we said this. The delivery was very important in order to make it into a joke.

3. “You’re all way past the beauty sleep thing, trust me.” Mushu – Mulan.

He had some pretty good one-liners as well. That is what made him a great sidekick.

4. “Motto? Nothing, what’s a motto with you?”  Timon – The Lion King.

We loved it when we could change up the meaning of a word.  This was a fun phrase to say all of the time!

5. “My bark is worse than by bite.” Grandmother Willow – Pocahontas.

She took this clever, old saying and turned it into something funny about being a tree. Hilarious!

6. “Aw, you guys make me ink.” Pearl – Finding Nemo.

This was adorable and funny at the same time!

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7. “Spare me your lies, temptress.” Buzz Lightyear – Toy Story 3.

This should not be said to authority figures.

8. “Booyah!” Kuzco – The Emperor’s New Groove.

This is still said nearly every time you win one over your friends.

9. “Dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow.” Mushu – Mulan.

Absolutely! This was a winning line.

10. “Well I feel sheepish.” Genie – Aladdin.

He always had the perfect switch to pitch his punchline.

11. “There’ll be no living with her after this.” Captain Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

His insatiable appetite never ceased.

12. “Would you like to stay. . . forever?” Grandmother Fa – Mulan.

This is what you’d expect all grandmothers to say.

13. “He touched the butt.” Tad – Finding Nemo.

We laugh because he said ‘butt’.