We all remember our first car, it’s one of those things that sticks with us for a lifetime. Over the years cars have changed in appearance and performance, some of those we grew up with have gone down in history as modern classics, others are gone and best forgotten! How many of these beauties do you remember seeing on the roads when you grew up and were any of these your first car?

Some classic cars from the 1980s

1. Ford Sierra

Beige Ford Sierra

A good all-round family car from Ford, it took the motor market by storm and became incredibly popular, selling by the thousand, these were everywhere at the time!

2. Vauxhall Cavalier

Blue Vauxhall Cavalier

Another very popular family saloon, these always seemed like a slightly more serious car than the Sierra, and tended to attract a more mature driver as a result.

3. Volvo 740

Dark blue Volvo 740

We grew up with one of these as the family car and called it “the tank”. It was different times back then as we had 3 siblings in the middle and then myself and my big sister riding in the boot – they wouldn’t allow that anymore!

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4. Ford Granada

Brown Ford Granada

Ford’s rival to the Volvo 740, this was also built like a machine that meant serious business and looked huge compared to your saloons and hatchbacks on the road!

5. Austin Metro

Red Austin Metro

A small and economical car, it was hard to drive for more than a few miles without seeing one of these on the road as they seemed to be insanely popular at the time and were a great starter car!

6. Renault 5

Red Renault 5

Often seen as a run-about for middle-class mums, the Renault 5 were also very popular smaller cars and all the younger drivers could go for the GT Turbo edition and razz around all over the place!

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7. Audi Quattro

Green Audi Quattro

This was a World apart from the Audi that we know today, the Quattro was a box on wheels and was not the kind of luxurious drive we now associate with the brand!

8. Lada Riva

Beige Lada Riva

Ah, the Lada! This list would be incomplete without the car that was the butt of a million jokes! Known for being cheap and not particularly attractive, you did not want to be seen in one of these!

9. Toyota Corolla

Brown Toyota Corolla

This little beauty really looked the business and turned heads as they drove past! A classic design that was sleek and sexy before that was popular in car design!

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10. BMW M5

Red BMW M5

BMW have always been a class leader, and the M5 was no exception as it had power and was also a more comfortable and luxurious drive to go with it, this went down as a real classic!

11. Citroen 2CV

Red and white Citroen 2CV

A true icon of the era, Citroen managed to make a car that became very popular, it had a very unique look, and was designed with reliability and low running costs in mind.

12. Honda CR-X

White Honda CR-X

For those who wanted a little bit more performance under the bonnet of their car came the Honda CR-X, a classic that appealed to the boy racers and became very popular as a result!

13. Toyota MR2

Red Toyota MR2

A classic Japanese sports coupe, this was the ultimate in style at the time, it was angular, yet still looked sleek and sexy and the pop-up headlights made it look totally different to much of the competition!

Were any of these your first car? If so, which one, or which did you always wish could have been your first drive? Do you have good memories of your first car, and if it isn’t on this list, what was it? Let us know all your thoughts and memories in the comments as always!