13 Hilarious Celebrity Hairstyles From The 80s

Just as we all experimented with our hair back in the 80s, so did the celebrities at the time. We often wonder if they look back on those days and regret some of the fashion decisions that they made because they will continue to haunt them for as long as the internet exists. However, for us, we are merely relating to their desire to create the ultimate 80s look. Some of them were successful! Take a look at their heroic efforts:

1. Sarah Jessica Parker.

She definitely had the look down. If I were her, I wouldn’t be too embarrassed about this pic.

2. George Clooney.

Every awesome guy had a mullet. Case in point:

3. Rob Lowe.

His hair had a messy look and it appears as if it still does. Long live the 80s!

4. Nicole Kidman.

She must’ve loved this decade because she could just let her hair go all natural!

5. Brad Pitt.

He was a fan of the “feather”. It worked!

6. Madonna.

We idolized her look but could never look this good ourselves no matter how hard we tried.

7. Julia Roberts.

This is just not fair! Everything about her hair back then was perfection!

8. Jennifer Aniston.

In this case, it is unfortunate that this pictured surfaced at all. Sorry Jen!

9. Amy Poehler.

She probably makes fun of this picture as well. That’s why we love Amy!

10. Jon Bon Jovi.

He was the ultimate in 80s rock! Hence, the hair and serious face.

11. Janet Jackson.

He hair was so high, it was hard for her to hold it up.

12. Demi Moore.

Finally! A good example of crimped hair.

13. John Stamos

Well, if you ever rocked a mullet, you were hoping that it looked as good as this!