When you look back at old photos do you marvel at your fashion prowess or cringe at just how tragic you looked. Were you the leader of the pack or did you try and keep your embarrassing trainers well hidden. They certainly don’t make clothes like they used to. Let’s take a look at some of the very best and worst of the fashion we grew up with.

1. HIT – Naff Naff

These jackets with the embroidered Naff Naff logo were cool personified for about 6 months in the early 90’s. Did you rock the Naff Naff look?


2. MISS – Hi Tec

“Son, I got you some new trainers from Jonathan James today!” – Hell No! These were not the words you hoped to hear as you opened the box to reveal a shiny new pair of Hi-Tec trainers.

3. HIT – Spliffy

This little dude was everywhere as we all tried to get hold of a pair of ridiculously baggy Spliffy jeans!


4. MISS – Helly Hanson

Did you clog the school corridor up wearing of these oversized puffer jackets. I seem to remember they were considered to be pretty cool at the time but looking back they were ridiculous!


5. HIT – Hypercolor

These heat sensitive T-Shirts were ace and everyone had to have one! Hours spent creating patterns with hand prints and even better if you got mum’s hair dryer out!


6. MISS – Nicks

Another pair of crud trainers. We all wanted a pair of Nike’s but I think many parents misheard and purchased these bad boys instead for half the price!


7. HIT – Baby G

Casio produced a classic in the Baby G watch. This came in a range of different colours and it was a must have for young girls.


8. MISS – LA Gear

How could you go wrong turning up to school in a pair of flashing trainers. You would be the envy of your mates…. wouldn’t you?


9. HIT – Head

This is what we used as a school bag in the 90’s. We turned up to maths looking like we had packed for a weekend away. Did you own this iconic bag?


10. MISS – Adidas Poppers

Who came up with this idea? What were the benefits, I would love to know. I seem to remember many popper wearers running for cover as their mates tried to ‘un-pop’ them.

11. HIT – Fat Willy’s

Another ultra cool brand was Fat Willy’s as we all pretended we were surfer dudes.


12. MISS – Shell Suits

A shell suit was a must have in the late 80’s and we thought we looked wicked! However, looking back…. possibly not!