12 TREATS You Will DEFINITELY Remember From Your Childhood

There were plenty of treats to choose from when we were kids and often times we were able to go and purchase them on our own. Whether it was from the ice cream truck or from the corner store, we often had the power to choose our own treats.  However, your parents were good at making sure there were some of our favorites in the house.  So, there was never of shortage of them and these are the ones that you are sure to remember:

1. Minute Maid Juice Bars.

These came in a variety of delicious flavors and were a perfect summertime treat.

2. Bones Candy.

Candy was even fun to play with and came in great little containers that you often kept around to store other stuff in.

3. Pop Rocks.

These make a lot of loud popping sounds in your mouth.  It mostly melted away but we just had to have it for the novelty factor!

4. Push Pops.

These were a great way to get a taste of a pop and then save the rest for later.  Meanwhile, you can keep carrying it around.

5. Freeze Pops.

Well, this was the cheapest and easiest way to fill up the freezer with some good treats in the summertime.

6. Ring Pop.

This was the first diamond looking ring that we have ever owned.  What a great way to get us hooked on the real stuff!

7. Astro Pops.

These would’ve been something that I went out and bought on my own. This wasn’t usually in the house.

8. Bubble Gum Cartons.

These came in many great beverage flavors and was just another way to enjoy a good bubble gum!

9. Melody Pops.

This was for those who wanted to try being musicians for a moment.  They weren’t very inspiring but they were tasty.

10. Squeeze Pops.

When all else fails, you could just squeeze some sugar into your mouth as you carry it around in this lip gloss tube.

11. Butterfinger BBs.

This has since been discontinued but they should bring them back!

12. Life Savers Holes.

Of course because why should you just get rid of it?