We 80s kids keep getting older, greyer and more wrinkled, but somewhere deep inside all of us is our ‘inner child’, that kid who marveled over the sights, sounds and objects of the fabulous decade that was the 1980s… Our toys were of course some of our most treasured possessions as young children, but as we got older and started playing with more grown up items, the memories of toys that we enjoyed as babies and toddlers may well have got lost.

So it’s time to rediscover your inner child by taking a good look at the following 12 toys. Let us know how many of them you remember, and of course which was your very favourite. And be sure to share this post with your fellow 80s kids, so that they too can take a long, slow drive down memory lane!

12. Medical Kit

The cheap toy medical kits you can purchase these days don’t come close to matching the legendary Fisher-Price set from back in the 1980s.

This kit was so good that as children we were convinced we could actually read our sibling’s blood pressure!

11. Chatter Telephone

There’s so much to like about the classic Fisher-Price chatter telephone…

The noise it made as you turned the rotary dial, the way the eyes bounced up and down as you pulled it along the floor, it really was completely gorgeous!

10. Little People

Coming with a wide variety of accessories, the Fisher-Price Little People may seem rather simple by today’s standards, but we say that simple is sometimes better!

The house, the bus, the farm – which set do you remember owning?

9. See ‘N Say Farmer Says

You pulled the handle, the arrow would spin, and you never knew which animal it was going to land on…

But one thing you could be sure of was that this brilliant ‘See ‘N Say Farmer Says’ toy would be played with over and over again!

8. Cash Register

You fed in the coins and depending on which button you pressed, they would either fall down the slide or end up in the money tray…

And believe it or not, an almost identical version of this Fisher-Price Cash Register is still available to purchase today!

7. Disney Poppin’ Pals

Many different versions of these Poppin’ Pals toys have existed over the years…

But there’s no doubting that the one featuring all of our favourite Disney characters was the very best!

6. Magic Burner Play Stove

Fisher-Price really know how to do toys, and this Magic Burner Play Stove from our childhood is another brilliant example.

Again, it may be fairly simplistic by today’s standards, so how is it that it is still better than the toys you can purchase these days?

5. Activity Centre

We remember this toy extremely well, even though we can only have been a couple of years old when we played it.

The red button that you bashed to get the bell to ring was a particular favourite!

4. Easy Bake Oven

We know that many of you will have extremely fond memories of these Easy Bake Ovens…

Sadly though, one million of them had to be recalled after a flaw in the design meant that children’s fingers could become trapped and severely burnt!

3. Rock A Stack

These toys have been available in many different forms over the years…

But there’s no doubt in our mind that this classic Fisher-Price version is by far the best.

2. Bubble Mower

We hope that whoever thought of combining lawn mowers with bubbles got an immediate promotion…

We can imagine the meeting now. “So, we can’t let kids have a real lawnmower as that would obviously be too dangerous. What could we have instead of sharp blades? I know – bubbles!”

1. Fisher Price Garage

But if we had to pick the absolute best toddler toy from our childhood, it would of course have to be the legendary Fisher-Price Garage!

Sadly that’s all for now! If you have enjoyed reading this post, please do spread some lovely, warm, nostalgic memories to your friends and family by sharing it with them!