Do you remember trying to write your Christmas wish list as a child? We would open up the Argos catalogue and our eyes would light up with the endless possibilities of what Santa might leave in our stocking or underneath our tree. Money meant nothing to us as kids, it was something our parents had to deal with, as they tried valiantly to balance the family’s finances with the extravagant toy demands of their children…

Below are 12 toys that we believe all 80s girls wanted Santa to leave them during their youth. How many of the toys did you ask for?

1. Barbie’s Corvette

There have been different versions of the Barbie Corvette over the years, but one thing we know for sure is that whichever version you had, it would have been pink.

2. Cupcake Dolls

Cupcakes and dolls in one deliciously smelling package meant that these were extremely sought after at Christmas time.

3. Disney Electronic Games

While most of Tiger’s electronic handheld games were aimed at young boys, there were some exceptions, such as these ones based on our favourite Disney films.

4. Fashion Wheel

Fashion Wheel was a simple enough piece of kit, but it let our imaginations run riot as we created what we truly believed would be the next fashion craze.

5. Furbies

Furbies were cute, but also acted realistically enough that they were a decent replacement until our parents bought us that real life puppy we’d always dreamed of!

6. My Pretty Ballerina

Do you remember My Pretty Ballerina? She danced to the music on our favourite cassette tapes, and we absolutely loved her!

7. Puppy Surprise

What could be better than owning a cute and cuddly dog? How about owning and cute and cuddly dog that also ‘gave birth’ to some adorable puppies!

8. Rainbow Brite And Starlite

Whilst we loved Rainbow Brite herself, it was her rainbow coloured steed Starlite that we sought after the most as a kid. How about you?

9. She-Ra’s Crystal Castle

Many of us owned the beautiful warrior that is She-Ra, but how many of you managed to get our hands on her gorgeous Crystal Castle Playset?

10. Tamagotchis

Again, whilst our parents bided their time in purchasing us that real life pet, we had to make do with Tamagotchis, which to be fair we did treat as if they were alive!

11. Petite Post Office

We know you’ll remember the Petite Post Office. It allowed us to pretend to be working in our dream job as a Post Office Clerk. The Royal Mail has never been so much fun.

12. Sindy’s Wardrobe

If there was one present we always wanted but never managed to get our hands on, it was Sindy’s amazing wardrobe. Please don’t tell us if you owned it, as we’ll only be extremely jealous.