12 Toys That 90s Girls Just Had To Have!

Once the 90s came, our choices for toys and dolls increased a ton!  No longer were we stuck with just Barbie dolls.  Instead, we had a variety of toys to choose from and these were some of our favorites!  Every 90s girl had to have one of these:

1. Polly Pocket.

This tiny little case opened us up to a whole new world.

2. Doodle Bear.

Now, we can make our stuffed bear look like anything we wanted.  Just color it!

3. My Little Pony.

If we couldn’t have a real pony than this was a pretty good substitute. We loved combing their beautiful manes.

4. Troll Doll.

These were ugly and yet we all thought that they were so cute! We loved to stroke their hair.

5. Betty Spaghetty.

This little doll had us all wanting to dress her up in the different accessories that they offered.

6. Sky Dancers.

These flew into the air and we couldn’t wait to try it for ourselves!  They were beautiful.

7. Poseable Cabbage Patch Kid.

These have been around for a while and now they were starting to make different kinds to keep us interested.  It worked!

8. The Littlest Pet Shop.

First of all, we loved going to pet shops anyway.  Now, all we had to do was set one up and it only took up a tiny bit of space!

9. Baby All Gone.

Most of us enjoyed the idea that we were going to grow up and be a mom and so having a doll that mimicked a real baby was lots of fun.

10. Kitty, Kitty, Kittens.

These were awesome because they actually purred!

11. Quints.

These little babies were meant to test how much you REALLY wanted to be a mom. However, with these Quints, it looked like a piece of cake!

12. Baby Tumbles Surprise.

These babies could do somersaults!  Who wouldn’t want one of these?