These toys just happen to be some of the best toys of the 80s. However, some of them are long forgotten and so today’s kid will have no idea what they even are! Only a kid from the 80s will recognize this stuff and for that reason, they will forever be a part of our collective childhood and be remembered as the best time of our lives! However, for all those who don’t know what these toys are, here are their original commercials to shed some light on why these toys were the best!

1. Lite-Brite.

This toy was great because we loved plugging in all of the colors and coming up with something brilliant!

2. Teddy Ruxpin.

This was our first talking stuffed animal and the first thing that he said after introducing himself was, “Can you and I be friends?” It was adorable!

3. My Pet Monster.

He was a big and scary monster that was a lot of fun to play with because he was also a friend.

4. Boglins.

These were also little monsters and they were each sold separately. Everyone wanted to have a bunch so that we could do all the things in this commercial:

5. Transformers.

These were new and different toys because of the fact that they transformed. Our favorite line in this commercial is, “Robots in disguise.”

6. Tiger Electronic Games.

This was when we first started having hand held games and this commercial captures that evolution in this technology perfectly!

7. Mr. Potato Head.

Who didn’t love this guy! This commercial will certainly bring back memories! We spent hours changing his face around with all the parts that he came with.

8. Talking Pee Wee Herman Doll.

This guy was already really popular and so having the doll was a blast! He was full of all his catch phrases.

9. Talking ALF Doll.

A lot of shows made toys of their characters for us kids to play with. Talking dolls was also new and popular back then and so if they had this feature, they were a hit with us!

10. Game Boy.

This was the ultimate hand held game mostly because you can use multiple games in one unit. It’s catch phrase was, “Now you’re playing with power! Portable Power!” And they were right.

11. Micro Machines.

There was so much to say about these micro machines that they had to get this fast taking guy in order to say it all!

12. Nintendo Gaming System.

As much as we enjoyed the hand held games, nothing compared to the gaming system that you had at home. This was the best at the time.