12 Things That Will DEFINITELY Remind You Of Your School Days!

Going to school was not always a fun thing to do because it was a lot of work.  However, whenever we see these things listed below, we suddenly remember all of the fun that we used have there.  It was a place for learning, growing and knowing new people every day.  Here are some things that are sure to bring back nostalgic memories of those school days.

1. Pencil Case.

These were elaborate boxes with plenty of spaces to put all of the essential tools for school work. We loved these!

2. Push A Point Pencils.

This ensured that you didn’t have to stand in line at the pencil sharpener any more.

3. Pencil Top Gnome.

This was a great addition to the ordinary pencil.  Plus you could mess up or fix up his hair.

4. Bag Book Covers.

This is how you protected your new set of school books every year.

5. Lisa Frank.

This was the ultimate in school supplies. Anything Lisa Frank!

6. Scented Markers.

This was what you needed for all of your art projects and having a sweet smell was an added perk!

7. Disclosing Tablets.

This happened every year in school to remind us that we needed to keep our teeth clean.

8. Bill Nye The Science Guy.

Watching this in class instead of doing work was a real treat!

9. Erasers.

Having an endless supply of these made making mistakes easier to tolerate.

10. Trapper Keeper.

These binders have been out for a while but were upgrading their look in the 90s.

11. Pogs.

These were the latest in trading cards.  All the kids had them.

12. Shoebox Diorama.

Having to make one of these for a class project.