11 Things Girls Thought Were Super COOL In The 80s

The great thing about the 80s was that anything could be done and then turned into a style.  So long as it was loud and proud, we were all about it and some of these things  really spread like wildfire in our lives. For that reason, there’s a good chance that you thought these things listed below were the coolest:

1. Blue Mascara.

Basically, as soon as we saw it in the stores, we were buying it.

2. Side Ponytail.

I suppose we were tired of hiding our beautiful hair behind our heads and so we took to showing it off like this.

3. Crimping Hair.

If you had straight hair, you were crimping!  It was the fastest way to get the 80s look that we all desired.

4. Pegging Pants.

The hard part was making the first peg be your last peg for the day.

5. Being Prepared For Any Hair Emergency.

This has hairspray on one end and a comb on the other to tease your hair right back into place on the fly.

6. Looking Like Madonna.

Seriously, she was the one all girls wanted to be like. We thought that she was the COOLEST!

7. Portable Music Player.

This was for the street jams  we needed in order to hang out with our friends in public places.

8. Pagers.

Having one of these meant that you were a person who needed to stay connected.

9. Looking Tough.

Even though we were covered in pink and blue, we still wanted an edge that was not to be messed with.

10. Spandex/Leggings.

These were the quick and easy way to stay active AND colorful!

11. Tracksuits.

When all else fails, put on your hot pink tracksuit and you were done for the day!