12 Things That Every 80s Kid Will Remember From Their Childhood!

Being an 80s kids definitely has its charms! Especially when you take a look at this list and see that most of these things will remind you of your everyday life back then.  If now, then there was probably something missing in your childhood!  These are the things that will remind you of the simple days that you can now say you “toughed” out and made it through!  Take a look:

1. Speak and Spell

Can you imagine a time when you had to learn how to spell? Now, all we have to do is try to type in the word and the our computer fixes it for us.

2. Pen, Pencil And Paper Dispensers.

These were the daily essentials that we all had to have but thankfully, if we forgot something, we could get it at this dispenser!

3. Hot Seat Belts.

We weren’t always required to wear seat belts but when we did, on a hot day, these would burn your hands!

4. Uncomfortable Chairs.

Ah, those wonderful, plastic chairs! No wonder we have so many back problems today!

5. Library Check Out Cards

Today, everything is digital but back then we had to sign out each library book like this.

6. Computer Class With Actual Floppy Disks.

These were the original floppy disks, not be confused with the later disks (that weren’t floppy but were called floppy, nontheless).

7. Films In Class.

These were the days when we were supposed to be paying attention to the movie that took forever for the teacher to load and was boring to watch.

8. Community Pencil Sharpener.

This was just in case you didn’t have one in your school supplies. Even if we did, they were so small that we usually lost them and had to resort to using this wall sharpener anyway.

9. The Original Search Engine.

Until someone didn’t put a card back where it belongs!

10. Garbage Pail Kids.

We were glad to mock the Cabbage Patch Kids but sometimes these went a little too far.

11. Bob Ross.

He made everyone want to be a painter! He also made it look so easy.

12. Weepuls.

These had a sticker on their feet so that you could stick them anywhere. We don’t know why but we had to have them!