12 Random Things That Remind Us Of Our Childhood

We often forget about those everyday things that always seemed to be around when you were a kid.  Whether it was something to wear in the summertime or something that you had to do in school. These random things are sure to bring back memories of a time that lives forever in our minds.  Take a look:

1. Clear color visors.

We used to get these at a fairs and gas stations.  These were what we wore all during outdoor, family events.

2. Simon.

This game was fun to play alone or with others.  It really tested our memory skills.

3. Perfection.

I can remember being nervous the whole time this thing was ticking down and scared to death when it went off!

4. Track suit.

These were what you wore everywhere you went.  It was an easy outfit that you didn’t have to put much thought into.

5. Jelly bracelets.

These were fun just to pile up on your wrists.

6. Disclosing tablets.

We had to take these in school whenever we were learning about dental health. Only to find out that our teeth were saturated with buildup!

Image Source

Image Source

7. Arcade games.

We spent hours standing at these games. Especially this one!

8. Face to face glider swing.

This was in nearly every backyard that we grew up in.

9. Fixing a cassette tape.

We all had to deal with this at one point and slowly roll up the unwound cassette.

10. Folding notes.

There was a technique in folding these.  I did it a million times!

11. Library check out.

I still look for these in old books. Today, it gives a lot of information about where they come from.

12. Crayons.

Just the smell of these will take us back!