We recently had a look at 12 shows we used to love rushing home for when we finished primary school, and lots of you remembered doing exactly the same.

We also got lots of comments with shows that weren’t on the list, enough so that we decided to have a look at another 12 shows we couldn’t wait to get home to watch.

The school bell used to signify the end of the day and it was time to get home and get the TV on – how many of these shows do you remember watching?

12. Mysterious Cities of gold

Following the story of several young adventurers as they search for the mythical Cities of Gold, this show kept us hooked week after week and had one of the catchiest tunes of all time!

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11. Around the World with Willy Fog

Taking the famous Phileas Fog story and reinventing it as an animated show with animals in the main roles was a stroke of genius as it brought the story to a new audience and we loved it!

10. Button Moon

A nice, gentle program, following the Spoon family who live on Button Moon. This show was as simple as it came, but was wonderfully fun to watch.

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9. Jackanory

Famous stories read by some very famous faces, we loved to sit and listen to a story being told and this program brought literature to millions of children as a result.

8. Knightmare

Everyone we knew wanted to appear on Knightmare, this classic game show where the players would lead their blind adventurer through the dungeons, seeking treasure and avoiding traps.

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7. Inspector Gadget

Another show with a fantastic theme tune, Inspector Gadget was a bumbling idiot if we’re honest, but he somehow managed to save the day every week, usually with the help of Penny and Brains!

6. Emu

The naughtiest bird in the World, we used to love watching the mischievous Emu with his friend Rod Hull. Grotbags was a wonderfully over the top villain that we loved to hate, this was a great show!

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5. Fraggle Rock

Created by the same team as The Muppets, Fraggle Rock followed the titular Fraggles in their everyday lives, and every day they were also terrorised by the Gorgs, giant creatures who were out to get them.

4. Simon and the Witch

One boy and his best friend, who just happens to be a witch. Simon would teach the Witch about human life and what he gets up to each day, and it’s not easy teaching an old witch new tricks!

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3. The Trap Door

Don’t you open that trap door… Cos there’s something down there! One of the catchiest theme tunes on the list, this animated show was an absolute classic, and we loved waiting to see what would come out of the trap door this week.

2. Fun House

One of the most over the top game shows of the time on kids’ TV, Fun House was so much fun, we would have loved to appear on the show, but just seeing the game play out was enough!

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1. Blue Peter

One of the longest-running shows on TV, Blue Peter was fun, educational and helped us create new things with sticky-backed plastic. Who was your favourite Blue Peter presenter that you grew up watching?