Those of you that have school aged children of your own will know how much school has changed since we were kids back in the 1980s.

The technology has transformed and evolved beyond all recognition, and many other things we took for granted 30 years ago must seem completely antiquated to the young people of today.

There are a number of items that will immediately transport you back you your school days, and we believe that below we have listed 12 of the very best.


Be sure to post a comment letting us know how many you remember, and please do share this post with your fellow 80s kids so that they too can take a trip down memory lane!

1. Our National Record Of Achievement

We’ll be completely honest and admit that we have no idea what we kept in our National Record of Achievement, but we sure do remember the brown / purple leather case with its gold trim and distinctive logo.

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How many of you still have yours boxed away in the attic?

2. Tricolore Textbooks

There wasn’t much we hated more than French lessons, but we’ve got to admit that looking at these Tricolore texbooks has given us that lovely warm nostalgic feeling in our tummy.

Our French speaking may not be the greatest, but we do have these books to thank for teaching us how to tell French people our name and being able to ask them how much something costs.

3. The Register

These days everything is electronic, but we much prefer the old style registers, where the diagonal lines of attendance would combine together to perform pretty patterns on the page.

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They also meant that we could sneak a look to see how long our best mate had actually been bunking off for!

4. P.E. Wall Apparatus

The health and safety inspectors of today would have a heart attack if they could see some of the things we were forced to do at at school.

Burning our hands on ropes whilst dressed in our underpants because we had forgotten to bring our kit to school, P.E. lessons back in the 1980s were not for the faint hearted.

5. The Red And Blue Eraser

Legend told us that the blue part of the eraser was to rub out pen, but apparently that is far from the truth, and it was simply there to erase darker pencil marks, or marks on heavier grades of paper.

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Very disappointing we’re sure you’ll agree!

6. BBC Micro Computers

Kids these days have more processing power and memory in their phones than we did in our schools entire suite of BBC Micro Computers.

But at the same time we were still blown away at being able to type things that would ‘magically’ appear on the screen. They were simpler times.

7. Overhead Projectors

Classroom projection these days involves white boards and state of the art IT equipment, whilst back in the 1980s we had to make do with one projector, shared by the entire school, that had to be wheeled into classrooms when required.

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And yes kids, believe it or not the presentation slides were on sheets of plastic that the teacher had to change by hand!

8. Wooden Desks

Those of you old enough to remember using wooden desks with a lift up lid will have fond memories of hiding things on the inside.

You may also remember scrawling copious amounts of graffiti and storing a half chewed piece of gum that you would continue to use after the lesson had ended!

9. Cartoon Lunch Boxes

Plain plastic Tupperware lunch boxes? Not when we were children thank you very much!

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Our lunch boxes came adorned with our favourite TV or cartoon characters, with our favourite examples being He-Man, My Little Pony, The Transformers and Care Bears.

10. Wind Up Pencil Sharpeners

Do you remember pencil sharpeners that required you to insert your pencil into a hole on the side before you turned a handle round and round to sharpen it?

Personally we loved them so much we would break our pencil’s led on purpose just so we could use them!

11. Dot Matrix Printers

We’re sure that the distinctive sight of printer paper with the holes on each side is enough to take you right back to your school days!

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The paper used to constantly jam in the printer, but the satisfaction when you pulled off the perforated sides was so great that we just didn’t care.

12. P.E. Benches

Doubling as both benches to sit on and balance beams when turned upside down means that these legendary P.E. benches will forever remain in our memories.

We can also well remember the pain we felt when we slipped off one of them!

If you have enjoyed reading this post, please do spread some lovely, nostalgic, school based memories to your friends and family by sharing it with them!