We’re sure you’ll agree that visiting your grandparents’ house was one of the very greatest childhood experiences. From the strange rooms that appeared huge to our childhood eyes, to the sweets, biscuits and money that our Nan or Grandad would insist on giving us even when our parents said no, it was like stepping into a magical world filled to the brim with joy and wonder.

There will be many different items that will instantly remind you of spending time at your grandparents’ house, and below are what we believe to be 12 of the very greatest.

12. Cross Stitch Designs

Usually displaying phrases like ‘Home Sweet Home’, and often having names and birthdays of family members, these cross stitch designs were framed and affixed to the wall of many a Grandma’s house.

Do you remember your Grandma stitching one? And if so, can you remember what was on it?

11. Potpourri

Something that was just as memorable as the sight of our Grandparents’ house was the smell, and it was an aroma that was often created by a dish full of Potpourri.

They say that smells are heavily linked to our memories, so we’re sure that smelling some delightful Potpourri now would instantly take you back in time to your childhood!

10. Biscuit Tins

A Grandma isn’t a Grandma without a biscuit tin, and whilst it often contained things other than biscuits (much to our disappointment), there was nothing better than being able to choose which delicious treat we were going to consume.

We remember our Grandma’s biscuit tin being filled with shortbread and nothing else whatsoever, how about you?

9. Knitted Toilet Roll Covers

Why have a boring old toilet roll on display when you can jazz it up by making it look like a doll or an animal?

Can you remember which delightful cover was on your Nan’s toilet roll?

8. Glass Fronted Cabinets

Many of our Grandparents’ houses were so big (at least to our childhood eyes), that they seemed obliged to fill them up with unnecessary furniture.

Chief among these were glass-fronted cabinets full of expensive ornaments, that we were absolutely not allowed to open (or even touch) under any circumstance!

7. Werther’s Originals

Many of our Grandparents would have dishes full of sweets, and whilst Wine Gums and Licorice would be near the top of the popularity list, it was definitely Werther’s Originals that were the most popular.

We don’t know about you, but we would wait with baited breath to be offered one, as long as our boring old parents didn’t block the exchange by complaining that we would ruin our teeth!

6. Barometers

We had no idea at the time what black magic was employed to make a barometer able to predict the weather, but we definitely believed them wholeheartedly!

Usually pointing to the picture of a cloud with the sun peeking out from behind it, we believed the barometer more than we believed the Met Office!

5. Nut Crackers

We bet that your Grandparents had a nutcracker displayed somewhere, especially at Christmas. Are we right?

We never wanted to try eating the contents of the nut, but we took great delight in cracking the crisp outer shell over and over again!

4. Glass Animals

A grandparent’s house wasn’t a grandparent’s house unless it had all manner of strange ornaments displayed on every available surface.

One of the most popular was of course the glass animals, and we bet that for many of you seeing these has given you that lovely feeling of nostalgia in your tummy!

3. Fabric Calendars

Why have a boring old paper calendar when you can have one that’s beautifully crafted into a tea towel?

Personally, we’re not sure what use they were, but believe it or not you can still purchase them to this day!

2. Blue Glass Pebbles

To be honest we cannot explain why our grandma would insist on having bowls full of blue glass pebbles in her house.

It’s only after growing up that we’ve come to realise that we weren’t alone and that they were found in many a Grandparent’s house across the land!

1. The Queen’s Royal Guard

Again, we’ve no idea what these were for, but we remember seeing them at our Grandma’s house like it was yesterday!

Sadly that’s all for now. If you have enjoyed reading this post, please do spread some lovely, warm, nostalgic memories to your friends and family by sharing it with them!