Memes belong to the millennials – of that we’re sure – but it’s finally time for us eighties boys and girls to make them our own.

Because, by referring to things that the snowflakes simply cannot understand, we’ve created a tiny corner of the meme market that allows us to reminisce about ThunderCats and Teddy Ruxpin without having to share our giggles with the youth of today. Below are 12 hilarious memes that only eighties kids will understand, and we really hope that you enjoy them…

1. Walkman Bass

If we were lucky enough to own a Walkman that had a bass enhancer, then we were most definitely the envy of our friends.

This meme reminds us of this time, and of how grateful we once were for simple technological pleasures!

2. Encyclopedia Britannica

These days we’re able to find out information about anything using the ‘encyclopedia’ that is otherwise known known as ‘Google’.

Back in the 1980s we had shelves full of real encyclopedias, that may not have helped us find out information any quicker, but it sure did make it more fun!

3. Perfection Stress

One of the most stressful, but at the same time brilliant, games of our childhood, Perfection asked us to do a mini puzzle with a very strict time limit.

You may find the meme funny, but for us it’s actually not so far from the truth!

4. Edible Watches

These days watches and phones provide us with everything we need, but there was a time when we were extremely content with having a watch that was only good for eating.

Fashion and food in one incredible creation, what wasn’t to like? It’s no wonder we all remember these!

5. Phone Cords

The OCD sufferers among you will already be stressed out with one simple glance at the photo accompanying this meme.

And all us Eighties Kids will remember how impossible it was to rectify such telephone cord catastrophes!

6. Blue And Red Eraser

No 80s school pencil case was complete without the legendary red and blue eraser, so we suspect that at least 50% of you owned one.

As this meme says, legend had it that the blue part could erase ink, but in reality it just ripped a hole in our piece of paper!

7. Music Collection

These days we’re able to store our entire music collection in our pocket, but in the 1980s things were slightly different.

Or 80s music collection may have taken up more space, but we still miss it greatly!

8. Roller Skates

The days of roller discos are over, but we can still hold onto the wonderful memories.

Remember trying to pluck up the courage to hold the hand of the girl or boy you fancied? Good times!

9. Naked ThunderCats

Yes, until they were given ‘protective clothing’ by their mentor, the ThunderCats were completely nude.

This caused much childhood confusion alongside perhaps a tiny bit of excitement! Or was it just us?

10. Phoning Home

These days most kids have a mobile phone by the time they start secondary school, but as this meme suggests, we had to work alot harder to be able to contact our parents.

If you were anything like us then you never had any change on your person, so collect calls were the only way of securing that all important lift home!

11. Painful Carpet

Some may look at this photo and wonder what all the fuss is about, but us Eighties Kids will understand only all too well.

Because, whilst these plastic mats worked well when placed the right way up, if we accidentally walked over one that had been reversed then the pain was excruciating!

12. Teddy Ruxpin

Sadly, that’s all the meme action we’ve got time for today!