12 Fond Memories That We Have Of Our Friends In The 80s

Having friends as a kid was much different than it is today.  We actually had to go over to their homes and communicate with them face to face.  We also had to use our imaginations in order to come up with fun things to do.  We didn’t have the internet to connect with each other.  At best, we had a telephone in the kitchen!  Otherwise, we were forced to interact with our friends in ways that created these memorable moments:

1. Sleepovers.

We couldn’t wait to go to each other’s home to do this!

2. Riding bikes.

We covered many miles throughout the neighborhoods doing this!

3. Playground games.

This was how we got to know each other at school.

4. Talking on the phone.

Because we had so much to discuss outside of school!

5. Water balloon fights.

This was the most fun!  We did it all summer long.

6. Walking home from school.

A lot was said during these walks and we felt good about having someone to share this walk home with.

7. Tree forts.

Whoever had the best tree fort was in charge of all the meetings.

8. Blanket forts.

Not everyone had outside forts and so building one of these was easy to do.

9. Skipping rocks.

Seems silly but it was really hard to do and when you did it well, it was exciting!

10. Rope swings.

If you were brave, you jump from one of these into the water!

11. Ice Cream truck.

We all ran after this truck faster than we ever thought possible!

12. Toilet Paper a house!

This was not popular with the neighbors but we did it anyway!