12 Fascinating Facts You Probably Never Knew About Dynasty!


Dynasty was one of the two big American shows that hit the 80s hard and fast and built up massive audiences on both sides of the Atlantic. The other, of course, was Dallas, but let’s take a look back at Dynasty, which was a classic in its own right, with some facts that you probably didn’t know.

1. One actor was fired for a minor reason

When asking for more screen time for his character of Joseph, Lee Bergere was fired for having the gaul to ask for his character to be more prominent – harsh!

2. He wasn’t the only person fired

Catherine Oxenberg was also fired from the show when there was a dispute over her contract and negotiations broke down, leading to another person losing their role on Dynasty!


3. One actor took his role for a reason

Al Corley took on the role of Steven Carrington because he wanted to exploit the controversial role as it had a big impact socially as the first openly gay character in a big, prime time series.

4. He quit due to a controversial storyline

When the producers and writers of Dynasty wanted to work on a storyline where Steven Carrington would be “cured” of his homosexuality, Al Corley quite his role rather than take part in the storyline.


5. This led to a different storyline

Al Corley quitting led to the story line in which Steven was injured in an oil rig explosion causing major facial injury which required massive plastic surgery to fix and so Jack Coleman replaced Corley in the role.

6. Two stars did not get along

Joan Collins and John Forsythe did not get along during the production of Dynasty, though ironically Collins did get along with her on-screen sparring partner, Linda Evans.

7. The show led to empty streets

In the old country of Yugoslavia, Dynasty was such a big hit that at 9PM when then show was on TV, the streets were emptied as everyone went home to watch it.

8. Mother and son were similar ages

Joan Collins and Gordon Thomson played mother and son in Dynasty, but in reality Joan Collins is only 11 years older than her on-screen son!


9. Only one actor made it all the way through

During Dynasty’s run of a massive 220 episodes, only one actor appeared in all 220, that being John Forsythe in his role of Blake Carrington.

10. One star beat some big names to their role

When she was cast as Alexis, Joan Collins did herself proud as she was up against some formidable opposition as Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Raquel Welch were all also considered for the role.


11. Alexis was not Alexis’ original name

The character of Alexis has become synonymous with Dynasty, but in the original drafts of the script the character was actually supposed to be named Madeleine.

12. Alexis topped a poll

In Germany, network RTL searched for the top 10 greatest TV villains and Alexis Carrington was top of the list at number one!

Did you used to watch Dynasty religiously? Was it a case of this or Dallas, or did you watch both? Which of the two big American shows was the better in your opinion? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments as always!