12 Everyday Childhood Memories From 80s & 90s

These were the simple things that will bring back fond memories of those days.  They are places to eat, accessories, school experiences etc.  Those were the days when we could just be happy with the way life was going.  We didn’t worry too much about the future because the present was so awesome! Take a look and see if you these 12 things take you back:

1. KFC Bucket Sign.

This meant that mom was in a good mood because she didn’t have to cook and you didn’t have to pretend that you liked it.

2. Big Boy.

Remember seeing this and getting excited that you were going out to eat?  We also used to take our picture with him or try to climb on him.

3. Peanut Toothbrush and Accessories.

This was the best way to get us to brush our teeth at a young age!

4. Alf.

When this show was a hit we used to imagine what it was like to have a live-in alien like him.  He was much better than some hairless, big-eyed alien.  He was cute!

5. School House Rock.

Getting to learn something in a fun way was always a blast! Many of us still remember these songs.

6. Xanadu.

I can remember trying to figure out what this movie was all about.  She roller skated into walls and disappeared!

7. Beanie Babies

Having so many of these that you were running out of room and forgetting their names! TY Beanie Babies were a huge craze in the 90s.

8. Our Own Phone.

This was the first time that you finally had privacy when you talked on the phone because you got to have a line in your room.

9. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

This was Will Smith’s first acting gig and he has us rolling!  It was a funny show.

10. Blockbuster Store.

Going here was a real treat because you were able to rent the newest movies and eventually, games.

11. Getting and Giving Notes.

These were the best way to stay in touch with your close pals.  However, only the good notes were saved for eternity.

12. Heads Up  7Up.

A game we used to play in school in which we hoped to be picked.