12 Of The Dumbest Toys That We Loved To Play With!

Despite having some pretty amazing toys while we were growing up, we seemed to have a love for these simple toys as well. They were the kinds of things that you would never dream of and yet, when we had them we couldn’t stop playing with them.  Maybe we weren’t ready for all of the high dollar games and technologies that were popping up because ultimately, the simple stuff was the best. Here is a list of toys that you spent hours playing with while you were growing up:

1. Velcro Throw And Catch.

This was so easy, it was ridiculous.  However, we loved it!

2. Aquaplay.

We simply pushed the button a million times and hoped that the rings would go where we needed them to.

3. Sit n Spin.

The name literally says it all.

4. Water Snake Toy.

It was like trying to hold onto something that only slipped through your hands.  It was impossible.

5. Slinky.

This worked best when the circumstances were perfect. Otherwise, it didn’t work at all and often got tangled.

6. Clackers.

Trying to get them to clack just right was the key (without hurting yourself or anyone else).

7. Pocket Etch a Sketch.

I guess the big Etch a Sketch was so addicting that we had to have a travel version as well.

8. Wee-lo.

We used to spend hours rolling this up and down on the metal bar.

9. Barrel Of Monkeys.

It was hard to link all of monkeys and so we took the time to master it.

10. Corn Popper.

I guess we liked the way it sounded even though our parents didn’t.

11. Pin Point Impression.

We spent all day coming up with metal pin arts.

12. Echo Mic.

The echo was horrible but it still made us feel like rock stars.