12 DELICIOUS Food & Drink Items That Will Take You Back To The 80s!

These were the foods, drinks, and snacks that we all grew up on. They were convenient, delicious and mostly never nutritious. Nonetheless, they were a part of our everyday lives.  We had them as extras in our lunches or as a treat all on its own. Either way, they had a hold over us and we ended up craving them at all times.  Our favorite time to eat was when we got home from school and we sat down in front of the television to take a load off with a beverage and a snack.  These were the foods and drinks that you recall when you think of your childhood.

1. Doritos 3D.

They did it again with another tasty treat that we just had to have!  A lot of it tasted like air but we didn’t care.

2. Slush Puppies.

What a delicious summertime beverage to have!

3. Nestle’s Quick.

Just add this to any healthy glass of milk for some delicious chocolate flavor!

4. Rainbow Brite Cereal.

Our favorite character was now a part of our morning breakfast.

5. Fruit Wrinkles.

Having these as part of our lunch made it all better.

6. Ding Dongs.

Another delicious treat to eat with our lunches.

7. Wonder Bread.

Classic white bread. We never liked wheat bread and so our parents had to buy this for us.  We loved it!

8. School Hot Lunches.

Everyone ate hot lunch when it was pizza day!

9. Planter’s Cheez Balls.

These were the cheesiest puffs ever!  We absolute loved this container that it came in as well.

10. Jello Pudding Pops.

Bill Cosby was selling these pops to all us kids. It wasn’t hard because they were delicious.

11. Clearly Canadian.

This was the newest beverage that everyone was trying.

12. Kool-Aid.

When all else fails, pour some of this in some water and the whole day was great!