12 Cool Joke Shop Toys From The 1980s

We loved a bit of mischief in the 80s! Games of knock-a-door run (or whatever you called it!) and practical jokes made the school holidays fly by. Joke shops were always a fun place to buy things that you could use to wind up your mates with. Let’s take a look back at some of the best toys that your pocket money could buy!

12. Stink Bombs

These were rancid. It was as though something had crawled up inside someone and died. You could drop one of these in school and evacuate a classroom within seconds.

They were such an effective way of disrupting absolutely everything.

11. Fun Snaps

These little parcels of joy were a brilliant way to make people cack themselves and drive the teachers mad.

You had watch out for that flying blackboard rubber if you got clocked though!

10. Wooly Willy

This wasn’t really a mischief-maker but great fun regardless.

You could spend hours working out what kind of Millennial style beard you planned on growing when you grew up.

9. Fake Dog Poo

How authentic was this stuff! I remember my Mum crying with laughter as the shop assistant asked me whether I wanted straight or curly.

They missed the boat by not producing a white dog poo variety. Whatever did happen to that stuff anyway?

8. Spud Gun

Who would have imagined the hours of fun that you could have by firing little bits of a potato at your sister?

Not so much fun when she grabbed the gun and started firing back!

7. Silly String

Always a last-day-of-term favourite, you could absolutely transform someone with a can of this.

There was no getting away from it!

6. Sticky Hands

Due to the elasticity of the cord, these had a right range on them! If you aimed just right you could slap your best mate in the eye from 10 feet away.

They were also really good for leaving sticky marks all over your Mum’s freshly cleaned windows.

5. Parachute Man

Now this is a proper toy! We would take it in turns launching him out of the bedroom window to see who could get him the furthest. Great fun!

I also seem to remember us recreating this toy with a He-Man and a Kwik Save carrier bag.

4. Flying Disc Gun

You could get some good height on these.

I am pretty sure we had to climb a few trees to retrieve the discs too.

3. Moonies

This was one for Dad. He could proudly display this little fella in one of his car window.

The Moonies man would expose his bare backside on demand. They need to bring these back!

2. Whoopee Cushion

Farts have always been good quality comedy for children and adults alike. You could surprise and embarrass friends and family by strategically placing this bag of wind in the right position.

Like me though, I am sure you got carried away and ended up popping it by striving for the loudest bottom burp!

1. Flexiface

These gurning rubbery faces were quite addictive to play with. We would always do our best to rival them by pulling ugly faces of our own.

Remember, though: “If the wind changes you will stay like that!”