There was nothing more joyous as a child than having 10 or 20p to spend on some sweets. That amount of money wouldn’t buy you anything these days, but back in the 80s, we could use it purchase a decent handful of sugary treats!

Whilst there are many sweets from your childhood you’ll remember without any trouble whatsoever, we suspect you may well have forgotten about some of the ones that we’ve listed below. Please feast your eyes on the following childhood sweets!

12. Frosties

Remember Frosties? They were as hard as diamonds, and whilst you were probably supposed to suck them until they disappeared, it was impossible to resist the temptation to bite them.

Sadly this meant you ran the risk of destroying your teeth along with the rock hard sugary snack!

11. Tooty Frooties

Wow did we love Tooty Frooties! And whilst we sadly don’t get our hands on them as adults as much as we would like, we’d definitely devour them in seconds if we did!

So good!

10. Life Savers

Offering 5 different flavours, Life Savers were sweets that we would happily have sucked on until the day we died, that is until our dentist gave us a reality check.

What do they know, anyway?

9. Desperate Dan Bars

Coming with the promise that it was ‘a mighty fine chew’, Desperate Dan Bars were pretty much Wham bars, but with packaging featuring the hero from our (second) favourite comic. Do you remember them?

He was the man!

8. Bubbly Bubble Gum

Bubbly Bubble Gum promised it would enable us to blow bigger bubbles, but was that the case from your own experience?

Personally we couldn’t blow a decent bubble no matter which brand we tried with!

7. Millions

Millions were ‘tiny tasty chewy sweets’ that came in a multitude of different flavours.

Which flavour did you enjoy munching on the most?

6. Space Dust

Space Dust was magic sugary goodness that made us feel like we had purchased something really special.

We don’t know about you, but we can still remember the fizzing sensation that they gave us in our mouths!

5. Lemon Bon Bons

Should lemon flavoured sweets really have tasted as good as this?

Because whilst we would never be seen dead eating a regular lemon, we’d have happily had a meal of Lemon Bon Bons for breakfast, dinner and tea!

4. Jaw Breakers

Sweets that would take hours to consume and caused maximum damage to your lovely pearly whites, Jaw Breakers were one of our favourite childhood sugary treats.

They don’t seem to make them as big as they used to!

3. Polo Fruits

Whilst we weren’t big fans of the regular mint Polos, Polo Fruits really got our juices flowing.

Were you a fan?

2. Toffee Buttons

Toffee covered in Cadbury’s Dairy Milk chocolate, what wasn’t to like?

Toffee Buttons were a wonderful chewy delight that we would definitely like to see again.

1. Masters Of The Universe Jellies

Does anyone remember these jellies? We think they came in different versions, with one definitely being shaped as horrible monsters, but being big fans of He-Man we of course much preferred the ‘Masters of the Universe’ range!

I think you can actually still get these if you look hard enough!