11 TV Shows From The 80s That Showed Us What Family Really Means

There was no doubt that our family dynamics were changing and sometimes these TV shows reflected that and sometimes they didn’t.  Therefore, we were always turning to them to either be reminded of what a solid family structure was or to be reassured that families come in all styles. Take a look at this list of great TV shows from the 80s that showed us what family really means:

1. Alf.

Even adopting an alien into your home can develop into a new, intergalactic family blend.

2. The Cosby Show.

This was a successful couple who raised their kids in the most loving, humorous and compelling way.

3. Who’s The Boss.

She was a single mom who took in a new housekeeper and his daughter into her home to help her with everything, including raising her son.

4. The Wonder Years.

This was a retro look at family life in the late 60s and early 70s. Therefore, we were reminded of the traditional family way.

5. Growing Pains.

This was another successful couple and we enjoyed the sibling rivalry between these three kids.

6. Full House.

This family came together after a crisis to help this guy raise his three girls after the death of his wife. It was his best friend and his brother-in-law who moved in and this new family was created.

7. Married. . . With Children.

This was a sarcastic look at family life in which this guy openly despises his life as a shoe salesman, husband, and father.  However, the audience knew that he was lucky to have his family at all and it was a big hit!

8. The Facts Of Life.

This was a boarding school for young ladies and the house mother was Mrs. Garrett. Over time, they were functioning just like any family would.

9. My Two Dads.

These two guys used to love the same woman and now, years later, they find out that she had a daughter who could belong to either one of them. So, they both raise her as their own upon discovering this when the mother passed.

10. Roseanne.

This was a look into the rude underbelly of society. In places where your manners don’t necessarily have to be intact.  People loved it!

11. Silver Spoons.

The plight of a rags to riches kid who wants to live with his rich father that he never knew about until age 12.