11 Things You Will Never Forget About School

School was a big part of our lives growing up.  It taught us discipline and gave a schedule to follow.  Therefore, we cannot think of our childhoods and not have a huge amount of our memories be about our school days.  They were the most important and memorable years of our lives and these are the things we can all remember and relate to during that time:

1. Wall Pencil Sharpener.

Remember having to stop everything and walk all the way across the room to sharpen your pencil?

2. The Oregon Trail.

Learning all about computers and going out west with this apple.

3. Spacemaker.

Having one of these in your backpack or desk so that you were sure to have everything you needed for class.

4. Elmer’s Glue.

Everyone played with this at one time. Usually in class.

5. Brownie.

If this was in your lunch box then you had a great childhood!

6. Erasers.

Having a variety of these and some that you wouldn’t dare use because they were your favorites.

7. Overhead projector.

This was how your teacher taught math and other important subjects.

8. Riding the bus.

If you had to do this to get to school, it was a big deal. It was often a social event.

9. Pull-down maps.

These were at the font of every classroom. Especially in a History or Geography class.

10. School Jump Ropes.

These were handed out during recess and lunch breaks to give kids something to do.  We used to stand in line and wait for one.

11. Dodge ball.

This was another toy that we stood in line for during recess and lunch breaks.