11 Things That Will Bring Back Memories Of Your Childhood

It’s hard to say what things will trigger a memory of the past but it’s certain when they do because you can instantly remember wanting one, having one, taking part in or playing with these items in detail. With that comes a flood of good feelings and an instant longing for these simpler times. For that reason, we put together this list of things that are sure to bring back those memories in a big way. Also, there’s nothing wrong with taking a trip down memory lane in order to give yourself the enthusiasm that you once had for everyday life. Perhaps this can be all the nostalgia that you need for the day. See for yourself:

1. Kid Cuisine.

Looking forward to eating one of these instead of a home cooked meal mostly so that you could eat the tiny desserts and finger foods!

2. Inflatable Furniture.

Wishing your bedroom had an inflatable living room set to host your friends.

3. Macarena.

If you knew the moves back then, you still know them now!

4. Mad-Libs.

Playing these games on long car rides.

5. Magic-Eye.

You were either good at seeing the image or frustrated that you never could.

6. Roller Blades.

Wishing that these were easier to use and that you looked this good when you did.

7. Sticky Hands.

Picking off dirt and lint from your sticky hands.

8. Renting Videos.

Spending hours wandering the aisles to find the perfect video that you could watch a dozen times in two days.

9. Boomboxes.

Carrying one of these around religiously.

10. Missing Child Milk Cartons.

Hoping that you would never end up on a milk carton!

11. Key Chain Coin Purses.

Having one of these to carry around your soda, candy and video game money.