11 Things That You Looked Forward To As A Kid On Halloween

We can admit that today’s kids have a comparatively easy time with Halloween than we did when we were kids. It’s almost as if the candy comes to them instead of them going out to get it! However, our experiences with Halloween were still very memorable and so here is a list of things that we used to look forward to as a kid on Halloween:

1. Making Our Own Costumes.

Back then, we used whatever we could, stuff that was laying around to create a costume to beat all costumes! If not, just a sheet that your mom didn’t mind you cutting holes in would do:

2. Carving the pumpkin.

Remember when pumpkin carving was a serious commitment? The only thing that you had to work with was a kitchen steak knife:

3. Making Party Foods.

Especially these popcorn balls:

4. Games.

We also had a lot of games to play including bobbing for apples:

5. Decorations:

Some families went all out on Halloween and created spooky scenes that we loved to check out!

6. Trick or Treating:

We loved being out late and walking the neighborhoods.

7. Trick.

If we didn’t get candy from a house. This is what we did. We warned them when we said: Trick or Treat!

8. Costume Parade.

Halloween was an all day event and even at school, we were parading around to show off our costumes.

9. Dressing Up With Others.

Sometimes, the costumes only work when you have others to help complete it.

10. Starting A Coven With Your Friends.

Pretending that you had special powers was fun to do!

11. The Great Pumpkin.

Watching this show on TV was always something to look forward to!