11 Things That Every 80s Girl Had In Her Bathroom

The 80s were full of responsibilities for girls to maintain their beauty.  However, we can’t say that it was a drag because we actually had a great time fixing ourselves up.  It was all part of growing and knowing how to create the perfect image that we could proudly display in our everyday lives. Therefore, we had plenty of reasons to spend hours in the bathroom getting ready.  Here are some of the things that we used to keep up on all of our beautiful ways:

1. No More Tangles.

This was the first time that you were able to brush your hair without pain.

2. Exclamation Perfume.

This had a distinct smell that could almost be considered an odor. It was very popular!

3. Goody Barrettes.

Every little girl had these to hold their hair back. They came in a variety of colors and designs.

4. Banana Clip.

We needed all the accessories we could get our hands on to keep our hair in place.

5. Pink Sponge Rollers.

This is what we did to fix up our hair for the next day.  Perhaps picture day!

6. Salon Selectives.

If you wanted to have great hair, this is the product that you used.

7. Lee Press On Nails.

It didn’t matter if you had nice nails or not when you had these in your arsenal.

8. Jean Nate.

This was an after shower body splash.  We thought this was luxurious!

9. Conair Impressions Hair Stampers.

When crimping wasn’t enough, we would just add a cool stamp to our hair.

10. Caboodles Cosmetic Case.

This was how we organized all of our accessories. It was perfect for an overnight event as well.

11. Hairspray Comb.

This was a great way to take care of any hair problems in a jiffy.