10 Things That You DON’T Miss About Your Youth

Yes, looking back is sweet but sometimes it is also a reminder of the hardships that you endured.  It was a time when the world was still grounded and not as fast paced as it is today.  Back then, we had to practice patience in order to tackle the most basic parts of our day. These are the kinds of things that kid’s today just wouldn’t understand. However, your daily life consisted of these hurdles and we can only hope that toughing these out only makes us more resilient today:

1. A Kink In The Telephone Cord.

This was something that just seemed to bother you. Especially if it was stuck there.

2. Rolling Down The Window.

I don’t think that kids today will ever understand why we say “rolling”.  This is why!

3. Hanging Up The Phone.

Finding your way back to the base of the phone to end the call.

4. Out Of Copies.

When you wanted to watch the latest release but Blockbuster was out.

5. Tape Collection.

These days, you need disk space but back then, you needed physical space to keep all of  your music.

6. Maps.

Needing one of these to find your destination.

7. Keeping A Journal.

We didn’t type all of our thoughts into a computer so, had to handwrite them in this.

8. Copying A Song Off The Radio.

We couldn’t go online to the find the song we wanted immediately. We had to patiently wait for it in order to get a copy on tape.

9. Looking Up Information In A Book.

It’s so much easier using the internet today. There’s no way we want to back to the dark ages.

10.  Time Out.

When we got into trouble in the past, we were sent to the corner. It as humiliating.