11 Random Things That Will Take You Back To The 80s!

There are so many things from our past that we talk about still but here is a list of stuff that you might not always hear about and yet, once you see them, you will immediately recall it! These are the things that were so popular back then that you can hardly believe that any of it slipped your mind. Thankfully, not all is lost. All you have to do is take a look at this list and it won’t be long before all of it comes flooding back to you! Especially this first one:

1. Where’s The Beef?

This old lady became famous for saying these three words. She wasn’t an actress and that’s all that she would say but she made it into a catchphrase that lasted the entire decade.

2. The Bangles.

This all girl band wrote some of our favorite love songs ever!

3. The Super Bowl Shuffle!

Remember these guys? They had a video and rapped about their skills and the upcoming super bowl.

4. Time Machine.

This was the first and only car that you ever wanted to own!

5. ALF Fan Club.

Back then, there was a fan club for everything and this mug was a great way to declare your dedication to ALF.

6. California Raisins.

These little raisins had a lot of soul and loved to sing!

7. Plastic Charm Necklace.

We all had one of these with all sorts of charms on it to display our interests.

8. Gremlins.

This was a very popular movie and so this would’ve been a favorite item of ours back then.

9. The Muppets Glass Set.

These were part of a collection and you had to have them all.

10. Table Top Video Game.

This was usually in the corner of every eatery. You could play the game or just use it as a table.

11. Strawberry Shortcake.

She was the cutest and sweetest smelling doll that we owned.