11 Popular TV Shows From The 80s

Today’s TV shows are nothing like they were in the past. In fact, we still long for those days and thank goodness we live in a world in which we can look up these shows to revisit them again. So, here a list of the best shows that you truly miss the most and now you can take the time to check them all out again.

1. Three’s Company.

Jack had to pretend that he way a homosexual so that his landlord will let him live with two women. Platonically, of course.

2. Charlie’s Angels.

These lovely ladies were hand picked to work exclusively for Charlie. He was an absentee employer that these girls never met before.

3. Cheers.

This was about a bar in Boston that everyone went to and where ‘Everybody Knows Your Name’. It was hilarious and each episode can be watched several times without any boredom.

4. Cagney & Lacy.

This crime-fighting duo were always in tough situations.

5. Dallas.

This family was rich thanks to the oil industry in Texas.

6. Miami Vice.

These two were fighting the underground world of crime in Miami with lots of style.

7. MacGyver.

He could make anything happen because he was a genius at fixing complex problems and making ordinary objects into explosives.

8. Knight Rider.

He was a man ‘who does not exist’ and he was given this awesome car to help him fight crime.  We loved the car almost as much as we loved the main character.

9. The Incredible Hulk.

Don’t make him mad because he turns into this vicious, green man who is all brawn and no brain!

10. Magnum P.I.

Lots of shows had great cars and this was one of them as well. He was a private investigator in beautiful Hawaii.

11. The Dukes Of Hazzard.

They were brothers who were always in trouble with the local law enforcement. This is them with their cousin, Daisy Dukes.  Who could resist watching these three on TV?