11 Mixed Pictures From Being An 80s KID

I bet that these random pictures will bring you instantly back to your childhood! Take a look and see how many you can remember.

1. Pacers

Can you remember how these tasted?

2. Smash Hits

We all loved this pop magazine!

3. One Pound Note

If you had one of these in your packet you felt rich!

4. Fruit Sherbert

Who filled them up with water after you ate the sherbert?

5. Walkman

You saw these everywhere you went in the 80s.

6. Hart to Hart

This was a great programme!

7. TV in The 80s

There were no remotes back then!

8. Take Hart Gallery

Did your picture ever get shown?

9. School Pencil Sharpener

This thing would eat half of your pencil in one day!

10. Potato Puffs

Oh how we miss these!

11. This Horse.

Everyone had one of these in their house back then.