11 Messed-Up True Facts About The ‘Scream’ Movies

This is a terrifying movie about a serial killer who wears that iconic mask that we often see during Halloween. It’s the kind of movie that never ceases to chill you at your core and yet, even after all of these years, there are still some things that you may not even know about this film For example:

1. The rating.

The original rating was NC-17 and Wes Craven refused to cut anything. However, after some editing, it did receive an R rating after being submitted by the studio nine times before the rating was given.

2. The Scream Mask.

Wes Craven saw the mask hanging in one of the houses that they were scouting for the film. He took a picture of it and sent it to Dimension Films and they made a replica of it.

3. It was based on a true story.

The screenwriter, Kevin Williamson, saw watching a Barbara Walters special about the murders in Gainesville when he was home alone and he, himself, became scared when he heard noises coming from inside the house. He says, “I was being scared out of my mind. During the commercial break, I heard a noise. And I had to go search the house. . . I got really scared. So I went to the kitchen, got a butcher knife, got the mobile phone. I called a buddy of mine.” This experience became the opening scene of the movie.

4. Drew Barrymore turned down the role of Sidney Prescott.

We know that Neve Campbell took the part but it was originally supposed to go to Drew. However, she fought to play the role of Casey who died after only 12 minutes in film. She says that she wanted to scare the audience into believing that anything can happen.

5. Gallons of blood!

The special effects department used 50 gallons of blood in the first movie!

6. The mysterious voice of ghost face.

The voice was done by Roger L. Jackson and he was not allowed to meet or see the cast at all. He only communicated with them by phone.

7. Drew Barrymore was tortured.

In order to keep her crying on the set, Wes Craven told this animal lover horrible stories about animal cruelty.

8. The final scene.

It was the last 42 minutes of the film but it took 21 overnight shoots to accomplish. The crew called it “The longest night in horror history.”

9. Wes Craven cameo.

He played a janitor dressed in Freddy Krueger clothes.

10. Another cameo.

Linda Blair is famous for her role in ‘The Exorcist’ and she played a news reporter outside of the school and also in a scene in Dewey’s police car when she confronted Sidney.

11. Scary Movie was the original title.

Halfway through the film, The Weinstein brothers were listening to Michael Jackson’s ‘Scream’ song and decided to name the film this instead.