11 Forgotten Movies That Every Millennial Should See

These movies may have come and gone for us and yet, the underlying meaning of them will certainly have the attention of today’s kids.  We were lucky that we had such great movies and it’s about time that we revive them for the current generation.  They are the type of movies that inspire us to be better people, have positive moral values, overcome adversity or simply throw a party!  Therefore, we could all benefit from watching them again. Take a look:

1. Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead (1991).

This movie showed us that we could grow up when the time calls for it.

2. Corrina, Corrina (1994).

This housekeeper helps little 7-year-old Molly to speak again after the death of her mother.

3. Space Jam (1996).

This movie was truly a sign of the times and combined actors, athletes, and cartoons.

4. Jawbreaker (1999).

This movie set the stage for any ‘Mean Girls’ movie that followed.

5. The Basketball Diaries (1995).

This movie is about a high school basketball star who ends up on heroin.  A very powerful film.

6. How to Make an American Quilt (1995).

This movie takes us on a journey through these women’s lives about love and loss while they work on this girl’s wedding quilt.

7. House Party (1990).

This movie certainly defined a generation of hip-hoppers and stars the 90s hip-hop duo ‘Kid ‘n Play’.

8. Election (1999).

This uptight high school junior is all about winning the election.

9. Practical Magic (1998).

These two sisters come from a long line of witches and eventually quit getting picked on when they combine forces with their family and community.

10. Mermaids (1990).

She’s a single mother of two daughters who must go through the growing pains of life.

11. That Thing You Do! (1996).

This takes us back to 1964 to the making of a band and takes you on their journey to success.