Once upon a time, not every dessert had to be based around either salted caramel or cookie dough. Sure, there are plenty of tasty after-dinner treats around these days, but we had scrumptious sweets to follow our savoury dishes back in the 80s.

How many of the following desserts do you remember eating when you were a child? And which was your favourite?

10. Bird’s Hot Crunch Puddings

Featuring a variety of different styles and flavours, including Hot Banana Crunch, Hot Lemon Crunch, Hot Chocolate Pudding and Semolina, all our parents had to do was add the milk, and voila, a yummy dessert was created.

Some might complain that it wouldn’t be too hard to make such desserts fresh, and that the results would taste less artificial – but we weren’t so fussy!

9. Hippo Pota Mousse

Another delicious dessert that had somehow escaped our memories in the last few decades, Hippo Pota Mousse was probably the most delicious tasting Mousse we’ve ever eaten in our entire lives!

Made by Chambourcy in the late 1980s, Hippo Pota Mousse immediately made an impression on youngsters thanks to its animated TV commercials.

8. Creamola

We all remember eating our weight in Angel Delight back in our childhood years, but this wasn’t the only option on the market. Creamola also released a range of similar instant puddings, for which you only had to add milk and whisk.

Still available to this day, Creamola comes in such delicious flavours as butterscotch and strawberry.

7. Blancmange

There really was no shortage of pudding options back in the 80s that were made simply by blending a powder with milk, and one of the best-loved options was blancmange – a thick, cold custard-style dish in such flavours as strawberry, banana and (of course) chocolate.

Blancmange could be presented in all manner of shapes, but the classic was of course a rabbit-shaped mould. Didn’t every household have one?

6. Banana Split

Even back in the 80s, there were plenty of concerned adults trying to keep kids away from processed sugar in favour of fresh fruit. One great way around this was the Banana Split.

It was simple: slice a banana down the centre, and fill with scoops of ice cream, and cover with nuts, cherries, or just gallons of syrup. Hey, it’s still got the banana so it must be healthy, right?

5. Arctic Roll

Sponge, jam and ice cream, all rolled up into one scrumptious delight? What a winning concept! It’s no wonder that we fondly remember the Artic Roll as one of our favourite desserts from childhood.

Happily, Artic Rolls are still available nowadays, yet for some reason they don’t seem anywhere near as popular with today’s kids. They don’t know what they’re missing!

4. Jell-O Pudding Pops

When it comes to tasty treats of the 80s, convenience was king. As such, the idea of ‘frozen pudding on a stick’ was irresistible, so when Jell-O introduced Pudding Pops (with the now regrettable choice of Bill Cosby as the face of their marketing), it took off in a big way.

These products are not widely available in the UK, but they’re not a million miles away from the ice lollies and ice cream bars we know and love.

3. Cool Whip

Cool Whip is another product that isn’t too far removed from Angel Delight or Creamola, except that it tends to come in ready made tubs.

Not unlike Jell-O Pudding Pops, Cool Whip tended to be more of a US product.

2. Birds Eye Super Mousse

Another dessert we slapped ourselves for missing on our previous post, Birds Eye of course released a range of mousses, although personally we only remember eating the strawberry flavour, because why would you need any other?

Birds Eye Super Mousses also included a ‘Choc & Caramel’ flavour, and we really wish we could devour one right now!

1. Bird’s Eye Lovely

Sometimes, the name says it all. Bird’s Eye used to make a pudding they called Lovely, and guess what? They were really rather lovely.

Not content with giving us a lovely portion of chocolate dessert, Lovely also boasted some blobs of thick cream on top. Sheer decadence!