10 Of The Worst Halloween Candies That You Ate Anyway!

Not every piece of candy was a hit but nonetheless, they were the staple candies of the season. Often times, they were the ones that you ate last, after all of the good stuff was gone. Needless to say, they were not your favorites and you often wondered why anyone would give these candies away at Halloween.  Years later, you realize that it is because they are the cheapest candies that you can buy. Regardless, no matter what you got, you ended up eating it all, even the bad ones because let’s face it – FREE CANDY! Take a look at this list and see if you can remember not wanting this candy until the bitter end, after all of good stuff was gone:

1. Candy Corn.

This is probably the best out of everything on this list.  It definitely reminds us of Halloween!

2. Dum Dums.

These were tiny suckers that you waited to each after all the chocolate candies were gone. Even then, you were hoping for a good flavor!

3. Nerds.

These were tart, crunchy and delicious! Except when that’s what you get for Halloween. . .

4. Smarties.

These were literally the LAST candies that you ate from our basket.

5. Bit O Honey.

These were chewy and good but not good enough to eat first.

6. Good & Plenty.

Yes, they were good and there was plenty in your Halloween basket that you saved for later.

7. Taffy Candies.

This was usually the cheapest Taffy in the world.

8. Neccos.

These tasted like chalk.

9. Bazooka Gum.

Gum is NOT candy!  The best part about these though were the cartoons in the wrapper.

10. Butterscotch Candies.

Although we enjoyed these whenever we were at Grandmother’s house, we never rushed to eat these first after trick or treating.