10 Of The Worst 80s Movies EVER!

The 80s was a hit and miss decade in which there are some things that we can look back on and agree that they hit the mark but there are others that completely missed it.  The same is true for movies.  Not all of them were a hit. So, here is a list of those movies that are notoriously awful, even to this day:

1. Strange Invaders.

Bad acting. That’s the main point that we have to make about this movie.

2. The Big Chill.

This one was just plain boring with a stupid plot as well. The characters are very annoying.

3. The Last Dragon.

This kid goes on a quest to find the “Glow” which is a mystical power that you could master and if you did, you actually glowed and couldn’t be defeated.

4. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker.

I guess they thought that having Michael Jackson in this movie was going to make it a hit.  They were wrong.

5. Midnight Madness.

This was a fun looking movie poster for one of the worst movies ever.

6. Knights of The City.

This was about adult males in their mid 30’s who were still in street gangs fighting over turf.

7. Dirty Dancing.

Most people call this epic but let’s face it, it was completely predictable and lasted for a long time.

8. Breakin.

This movie has some amazing dancing combined with bad acting. However, they made up for it in Breakin 2.

9. Jaws 3D.

They were just pushing their luck with this one.  The only thing that it had going for it was that it was in 3D which was new to us back then. Otherwise, there was no point to the story.

10. Shanghai Surprise.

For whatever reason, they thought that putting Madonna in it would make it a hit. It wasn’t.