10 Times The Jetsons Totally Predicted The Future

We have always been fascinated with the future and this cartoon took full advantage of this by giving us a peek at what the future can hold. Of course, at the time, these ideas were simply unobtainable but we always imagined that it was possible. Ironically, many of these cartoons ended up being a mirror image of the life that we live today. Even a flying car! Take a look at this list to see all the ways in which the Jetsons predicted how our lives would soon be. It’s amazing that they were able to get it so perfectly right:

1. FaceTime.

We watched them talking to each other on the screen and this is what we do everyday now! Skype. Whatever! It’s still the same.

2. Talking To Alarm Clocks.

George Jetson was able to tell his alarm clock to turn off and now we have alarm clocks that are voice controlled.

3. House Cleaning Robots.

They had Rosie but now we have cleaning robots like her in Korea.

4. Flying Vehicles.

We’ve been waiting for these for a long time and now, the Terrafugia is a flying vehicle!

5. Treadmills for dogs.

Remember when they walked their dog Astro on this treadmill? Now, you can have one of your own for your dog.

6. Robot Vacuums.

These floor cleaners are everywhere now. They are very helpful too!

7. TV Watches.

It seemed so futuristic in this cartoon but now we have these everywhere!

8. Tanning Beds.

They were using these in the cartoon to get some sun and we are addicted to them today.

9. Glass Elevators.

Of course, they had suctioned ones but ours work just as well.

10. Flatscreen TVs.

These look exactly like ours do today. Amazing!