10 TV Shows That Were Too Good To Miss

Television was growing in leaps and bounds and for that reason, there were plenty of programs but these happened to be the ones that we just had to watch! In fact, missing one would inevitably leave you in the dark the next day when all of your friends were talking about what happened on the show and you couldn’t contribute because you missed it! Thankfully, we were able to record these programs, but even then, we were better off just watching it when it aired. Therefore, we never missed a thing:

1. Boy Meets World.

This show was full of love and laughter. We were mesmerized by the relationships in this show and never missed an episode as a result.

2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

This program was wildly popular and we looked forward to the action that it brought into our lives.

3. Dawson Creek.

A drama about these small town teens and their struggles with growing up.

4. Dinosaurs.

This was a different kind of show that we wholeheartedly embraced. We never missed an episode!

5. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Who could forget Will Smith who rapped the theme song and lived a rich life in Bel Air? It was a great show that was full of laughs.

6. Friends.

Seriously, if you dared to miss an episode of this, you were out of the loop until you got caught up again.

7. My So-Called Life.

Another teenage drama show that started off under the radar and ended up being something that all kids loved to watch.

8. Party of Five.

These orphaned kids struggled without their parents after their accident and we couldn’t wait to find out how they managed each week.

9. Roseanne.

Admit it, you watched this show religiously! There was something about their lack of manners that intrigued us all.

10. Sex In The City.

This show was more than we could hope for and it talked about things that we should not have known anything about. Therefore, we never missed an episode!