10 Toys That Will Last Forever

There are plenty of toys that come and go and yet, over the years, these toys seem to stick around.  We have decided that these are the kinds of toys that will define our childhoods because they last for so long.  I don’t know if kids today would ever waste their time playing with them,  but we did because our parents thought that they were significant and we are somehow better off because we did play with them.  They were simple, like us but they would not exist if we never used them.  Therefore, they have a lot of meaning to us and will last forever in our memories.  Take a look:

1. Marbles.

Someone needs to put up a YouTube video on how to play with these.  It takes skill!

2. Jacks.

It was a challenge to pick up these jacks while the ball bounced only once.  However, that’s what made it so fun.

3. Jump rope.

Not only is this great exercise, it was a lot of fun!

4. Barrel of Monkeys.

This was hard, especially if you were trying to get them all out!

5. Catch Ball.

This took skill and a lot of patience!

6. Paddle Ball.

If you didn’t want to catch the ball, you could just paddle one with this.

7. Hula Hoop.

This looks easy but it was hard to keep it going.

8. Yo-Yo.

This turned into a massive craze!  The more tricks you knew, the more you loved to play with it.

9. Velcro Catch.

This was for those who didn’t want to play ball but still wanted to learn to catch.

10. Legos.

If you were good at building anything from these, your future was bright.