The life of a middle aged man is one filled with responsibility, children, mortgages, difficult bosses and even more difficult wives (only kidding of course, most of our bosses are lovely). And whilst we can usually accept the changes that come with growing up, we have to be honest in admitting that we occasionally long to be transported back to our childhood.

There are a number of things that instantly remind us of growing up during the 1980s, and we’ve done our damnedest to make a list of 10 of the very greatest, which are of course displayed below for your enjoyment.

Please do post a comment letting us know how many of the items you remember, and most importantly, which was your very favourite!

1. Garbage Pail Kids

Garbage Pail Kids collectable cards were ugly, gruesome, and often far too extreme for our delicate eyes, but that only made us love them even more!

We suspect that many of you had a decent collection, but how many of you have managed to hold onto it over the years? Well done if you have, because some of the more rare ones are now worth a fair bit of cash!

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2. Madballs

Garbage Pail Kids cards weren’t the only items we owned that were ugly and gruesome, because you can definitely also label that accusation at Madballs!

Coming in a variety of different styles, but always extremely scary, Madballs were an 80s boy’s dream.

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3. Transformers Watch

We all loved Transformers, and we all also wanted to own a cool watch, so what better than to buy something that was a combination of the two!

Knowing the time was not essential when we were kids, but being able to transform our timepiece into a robot definitely did get our juices flowing!

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4. Battle Beasts

Do you remember Battle Beasts? Tiny beasts with a hologram on their stomach that depicted which clan they belonged to, they were one of our favourite things to collect on the late 80s and early 90s.

We seem to remember the holograms being either Water, Fire, Ice, Wind or Earth. Does our memory serve us correctly?

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5. Panini Stickers

Collecting Panini stickers was one of the great joys of our entire childhood, but it wasn’t just the football collections that we spent our hard earned pocket money on.

We remember collecting stickers featuring The Jungle Book, He-Man, Garfield, M.A.S.K. and ThunderCats, how about you?

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6. Turnin’ Turbo Dashboard

We may not have been able to drive for real until we were 17, but that didn’t stop us putting in some serious training whilst we were still kids.

Tomy’s brilliant Turnin’ Turbo Dashboard looks tiny from an adult perspective, but as children we genuinely believed we were driving a real car!

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7. Visionaries

Visionaries were only available in shops for a year or two, but we did our very best to collect as many as we could during that time.

Our parents thought they were far too scary for us, but we managed to convince them otherwise and ended up with quite the collection!

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8. Top Trumps

Whether it was cars, Marvel characters or insects, we all had our favourite pack of Top Trumps cards.

Top Trumps was the perfect game to play with our mates on the 25-minute walk to school, making the journey absolutely fly by.

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9. Super Cup Football

As kids, many of us spent a lot of our time on our school’s field or at the park playing football. So how on earth could we fill our time if it was raining or if we were unable to leave the house for another reason? Super Cup Football of course!

Super Cup Football is one of our favourite electronic games of all time, and one we spent many hours playing. It may be fairly simple, but to us it felt like a true and accurate representation of the beautiful game!

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10. Water Games

Who remembers playing one of these brilliant water games? There were a variety of different types, but we especially remember the ones that replicated sports like football and basketball.

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Sadly that’s all for now! Please share this post with your fellow Eighties Kids, so that they too can leave all responsibilities behind for one second whilst they take a lovely nostalgic trip down memory lane!