10 Toys That We All Had That Kids Today Will Probably Never Understand

The first toys that we ever had tend to be remembered the most.  Also, they were designed to teach you about life as an adult but things have changed.  That is why kids today will probably never have some of the same toys that we did, nor will they even understand them.  Here are some of those beloved toys that you grew up playing with:

1. Camera.

Kids today would probably not understand this toy at all because they have skipped the camera and have gone straight to cell phones.  However, back then, this was the ultimate toy to make you feel grown up!

2. Radio.

Again, this classic radio has been bumped for iPods and other computer devices but back then, listening to a tune was easy to do with this handy little radio.

3. Cash Register.

This was how we saw ourselves handling money when we are all grown up and yet again this has been changed into credit cards and computer screens.

4. Television Set.

This adorable programming was all that we ever needed!  I doubt today’s kids would ever play with one of these.

5. Movie Viewer.

This is pretty big for a video camera and so it’s hard for today’s kid to understand the purpose of it.

6. Rotary Phone.

I’ll bet that today’s kids are getting toy cell phones for Christmas but back then, it was all rotary!

7. Pay Phone.

This looks just like a real pay phone which is why kids today will have no idea what it is.

8. Analog Alarm Clock.

This was a great way to learn how to tell time but it is no longer relevant in today’s digital clock world.

9. Record Player.

There’s no way that kids today are listening to records anymore and so this toy is very OLD school!

10. Tape Player.

We probably wouldn’t be able to find any cassettes to play in it nowadays.