The word nostalgia is defined as ‘a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life’, and it’s fair to say that nostalgia is the currency we deal in at Eighties Kids.

Nostalgia can invoked in a number of different ways, but our experience tells us that gazing upon the toys and games that you played with as a child is a sure fire way to give you that lovely warm wistful feeling inside your tummy.

Below are 10 retro toys and games that we believe will fill you to the brim with nostalgia. Be sure to post a comment letting us know how many of them you remember playing with as a kid!

10. Songbird Sweet Shop Mini Market

We all loved playing shop as a child, and the Songbird Sweet Shop Mini Market was probably the greatest way to fulfill our shop-keeping fantasies during the 1980s.

Featuring tiny little jars filled with real life sweets, it really was a fantastic little toy, and one that we suspect has given many of you that lovely nostalgic feeling we’ve just talked about!


9. Domino Rally

Have you ever tried hunting down a Domino Rally toy that is as good as the ones our parents were able to purchase during our childhood?

Let us assure you that it’s absolutely impossible, with the current measly offerings not being a patch on the Domino Rally sets we enjoyed playing with as kids.


8. Fisher Price Play Family House

Fisher Price have given us quality toys for decades, and many of our childhood homes would have contained lots and lots of them!

The gorgeous Fisher Price figures were also delightful, and who can forget the legendary garage, or the family house pictured here?


7. Metal Roller Skates

Before Roller Skates got all plastic, safe and slow, we had the uncomfortable metal variety to scoot around on.

But although they caused us a great amount of pain to wear, the speeds we reached on our local streets was a real sight to behold!


6. Petite Post Office

If we weren’t satisfied using the Songbird Sweet Shop Mini Market to play shop, we could use the Petite Post Office instead.

How many of you remember owning this legendary 80s toy, that also kept our parents happy by folding in half for extremely easy storage?


5. Tufty Road Safety Board Game

Tufty the Squirrel was created to promote road safety, and we suspect that some of you were once members of the Tufty fan club.

But Tufty was was also available in various other formats, including this rather addictive board game.


4. A La Carte Kitchen

The A La Carte Kitchen was immensely popular when it was by released by Bluebird Toys in 1982, but how many of you were lucky enough to actually own it?

It featured a sink on one side and a cooker on the other, as well as a fold down table and two wheels that meant we could pull it around our childhood home.


3. Tiny Tots Family Tree House

Seriously, how cute was the Tiny Tots Family Tree House? We were never lucky enough to actually own one, but we do remember seeing it advertised on TV.

We don’t know about you, but seeing it again takes us right back to our childhood, and gives us a lovely tingly nostalgic feeling inside our stomach!


2. Fisher Price Jack In The Box

We’ve already mentioned the wonderful Fisher Price, and another one of their toys that we’d completely forgotten about was their brilliant Jack In The Box.

Apparently Jack In The Box toys scare some children half to death, but they filled us with nothing but joy when we were young!


1. Baby Skates

We all loved dolls, and we all loved roller skates, so whoever came up with the idea to combine the two was a complete genius.

Baby Skates was one of the best dolls from the 1980s, just don’t try strapping roller skates onto your real life toddler!