Celebrities like to pretend that they’re easy and approachable on the red carpet. Normally we see them smiling and waving to the cameras at awards ceremonies as if there’s nowhere else they’d rather be. But of course, some A listers have a tendency to snap when the paparazzi aren’t around.

And nowhere does that bad behaviour become more apparent when it comes to celebrity’s interactions with fans. In the article below, we’ve revealed 10 times that famous faces were caught acting inappropriately (and even aggressively) towards members of the public when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Scroll through the list below to find out which Hollywood actor pinned a female bartender up against a wall in a mad rage, while we reveal the pop singer who devoted 15 seconds of her time to two competition winners.


10. Catherine Zeta-Jones once shattered the confidence of an 8-year-old girl

Catherine Zeta-Jones has a reputation as a bit of a diva.

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But we didn’t realise that being a high-maintenance actress also involves breaking the hearts of your youngest fans. Zeta-Jones once had the most unnecessary comeback ever to an 8-year-old fan who approached her.

Apparently the woman in question was at an advance screening of The Mask Of Zorro in 1998 when she was only a little girl.

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She managed to approach the star actress of the movie and told Zeta-Jones that she wanted to be an actress too. But the young fan didn’t quite get the response she was looking for.

The fan claimed: “She turned to me, looked me up and down, and said ‘You’re pretty enough, I suppose,’ then went back to her conversation.” Yikes.

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“In many ways, I think of that moment as the turning point when I went from feeling at ease in the world to constantly thinking about how everyone was judging me on my appearance.” Nice one Catherine!

9. Chevy Chase slapped a fan in the face after they told him how much they liked his work

Chevy Chase has shown himself to be an utterly unlikeable individual.

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In recent years his bad behaviour on set has been highlighted several times, and some people have even accused him of racism towards his co-stars. So it’s probably not too surprising that Chase treats his fans like dirt too.

Actor and comedian Rob Huebel once revealed just how nasty Chase can get when it comes to interacting with fans.

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Apparently Huebel met Chase at the Upright Citizens Brigade show and told the former SNL star just how much he admired Chase’s work.

That’s when Chase responded by slapping Huebel so hard in the face that he “saw red”. What?!

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Apparently even Chase realised he had overstepped the mark and tried to make a joke out of the slap, saying “Can’t you see I’m talking to somebody, kid?” Whether Chase was mid-conversation or not, there is absolutely no excuse for that kind of behaviour!

8. Christian Bale is a borderline psychopath when it comes to his fans

Christian Bale is another actor with a bad reputation.

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Thanks to the infamous Terminator Salvation incident which was leaked online, Bale has been frequently labelled as an overly-intense actor who is difficult to work with. But apparently that’s nothing compared to how he treats his adoring fans!

The true extent of the actor’s bad behaviour has been revealed to the world, thanks to Bale’s former publicist writing a tell-all book about her clients.

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Apparently the actor really doesn’t handle it well when fans approach him for autographs or photos. According to the publicist, Bale would “lecture little girls about being rude and intrusive until tears streamed down their faces, and their parents tugged them away from our table.”

Another time, a fan managed to send a letter to Bale’s house, and the actor was not happy about it. Apparently Bale said the fan should be ‘eliminated’ and offered a friendly suggestion on how it should happen.

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“A screwdriver thrust through the eyeball into the brain prevents any screaming. Let me know how it goes.” OK psycho Bale! Somehow we’re still attracted to him though…

7. Ariana Grande was extremely rude to two lucky competition winners

Ariana Grande has been through a lot over the years.

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So we’re hoping that this incident was just a one-off. Still, finding fame when you’re as young as Grande might give you a few bad habits, and it wouldn’t surprise us to learn that the bubbly singer has a darker side.

In 2013, Dan O’Connor’s two daughters, Jen and Kelly, won the competition of a lifetime when they were awarded the chance to meet Ariana Grande.

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The competition was sponsored by MTV, VH1 and Pepsi, but despite the big-name associations, things didn’t go to plan. In fact, O’Connor was so mad that he decided to blog about the incident.

O’Connor and his two daughters spent the better part of their day being shuffled around, waiting to meet the star herself.

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When they finally got the chance to meet Grande, she spent all of 15 seconds with the two girls. And even though they took a few photos of the event, the singer immediately demanded that they be deleted. Nice.

6. Tobey Maguire is the ‘worst autograph signer in Hollywood’

Tobey Maguire is known for being a bit of an odd-ball.

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And apparently he doesn’t have any kind of social skills when it comes to the general public. Maguire is so bad at social interaction that he was once voted ‘the worst autograph signer in Hollywood’. Ouch!

One lucky fan who had been treated to an interaction with Maguire once stated that the actor was too “wrapped up in his own egotistical web” to bother interacting with fans.

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But it’s not just his fans that Maguire has a problem with. He’s also been publicly embarrassed by Molly Bloom, who used to run a high-stakes celebrity poker game at The Viper Room.

Her memoir Molly’s Game (which was adapted into a 2017 movie starring Jessica Chastain) contained some very interesting tidbits about the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and…Tobey Maguire.

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The Spiderman actor once offered Molly a $1,000 poker chip at a game in 2014. But first he told her to ‘bark like a seal’. When she refused, Maguire replied: “I’m not kidding. What’s wrong? You’re too rich now? You won’t bark for a thousand dollars?” He sounds like a great guy.

5. Rachael Ray hates her live studio audiences and isn’t afraid to show it

TV chef Rachael Ray is best-known for her lively, bubbly personality.

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However, it seems as though even Ray has her off days, especially when it comes to filming her cookery show. If this fan’s experience is anything to go by, Ray downright hates having to interact with her audience!

One anonymous fan got the chance to watch a live taping of Ray’s TV show, but they were shocked when the chef got to the stage and acted like a complete cow towards her devoted fans.

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In a TripAdvisor review, the individual stated: “When she came out to greet the audience, she was cold, even seemingly annoyed that she had to do the show… She complained!”

The fan continued: “She rolled her eyes and was not at all the perky, spunky personality we’ve come to know on her show.”

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Yikes! Hopefully this was just a bad day at the office but still, Ray should know better than to act like that in front of people who have made the effort to come and watch her show.

4. Adam Levine ‘doesn’t give autographs to ugly chicks’

Adam Levine has previous form as a complete douche.

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Most quotes from his interviews seem to confirm the fact. Like the time he said: “You know what yoga’s good for?… [pointing to his pelvis] I’ll tell you what yoga is good for: F*cking” before going on to state that he liked ogling women at exercise classes.

However, despite the fact that he likes to come across as a bit of a charmer on The Voice, Levine can be a real jerk towards his devoted fanbase. And kind of a sexist too…

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One Reddit user revealed that she asked the Maroon 5 frontman for an autograph, but he turned around and said: “I don’t give autographs to ugly chicks.” Stay classy Adam!

Fortunately most people now seem to be aware of Levine’s obnoxious attitude. But the singer has previously stated that he’s just a misunderstood soul: “I’m not the easiest person to love right off the bat, you know.

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“If I knew everyone in the world, they would love me. Every single last f*cking one of them.” OK Adam!

3. Cuba Gooding Jr. shoved a female bartender against a wall

This kind of behaviour is definitely not OK, whether you’re a Hollywood star or not.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. once revealed just how aggressive he can be when it comes to fans after he pinned a female bartender against a wall. So what happened to rile him up like that?

Gooding was sat in a New Orleans bar back in 2012 when a group of fans requested to get a photograph with him. We understand that this can be annoying, but the actor took things way too far.

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He began to shout and swear at the fans in question, to the extent that bar staff agreed Gooding needed to go. One female bartender asked the actor to leave the premises and he flipped out.

Gooding responded by shoving the staff member against a wall, and somebody promptly called the police.

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The actor later claimed that it was all a ‘misunderstanding’ but we’re not so sure.

2. Sean Penn threw away a fan’s mobile phone

Sean Penn has a long history of violent behaviour.

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Aside from the rumours about domestic violence surrounding his marriage to Madonna, Penn has been jailed for assaulting a movie extra and once served 300 hours of community service for kicking a photographer.

Apparently Penn still hasn’t learnt from those experiences and flipped out at a fan back in 2013. The actor was attending a sales conference at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco when the incident occurred.

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One conference attendee tried to take a photo of the actor without his permission – which of course is extremely annoying. But Penn responded in his usual way…

The actor grabbed the phone out of the man’s hand and threw it to the ground, before screaming “Do we look like f*cking zoo animals?” Yikes. Think calm thoughts, Sean!

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Luckily the man in question decided not to press charges.

1. Bruce Willis once yelled at two young fans for recognising him

The Die Hard star hasn’t exactly got the best reputation in Hollywood.

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Bruce Willis has been known to demand ridiculous sums of money for his film roles, and Sylvester Stallone once called the actor ‘lazy and greedy’. Apparently he’s also straight-up rude too.

Two young fans once revealed that they spotted the actor and his then-wife Demi Moore at a California Pizza Kitchen in Lenox Square Mall, Atlanta.

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The incident occurred during the 1996 Summer Olympics. An employee of the restaurant saw two young boys (who must have only been around 10 years old at the time) notice Willis amongst the crowd of diners.

Naturally they started smiling at Willis and pointed at him from a distance. Which really got the actor’s goat! Willis responded by standing up at the table and bawling at the two boys.

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Talk about unnecessary…Willis doesn’t seem like the nicest character in Hollywood.

What do you think of this celebrity bad behaviour? Let us know in the comments section!