10 Things You’ll Remember If You Grew Up In The 80s!

These things are probably long gone and now only exist in the deep corners of our memories.  Nonetheless, they truly define our generation! Take a look at these items that are now rare and see if you can remember them in your everyday life back then:

1. Squeeze Coin Purse.

This is what we would keep all of our money for the ice cream truck in.  Surprisingly, it never fell out.

2 Judy Blume Book (Blubber).

People made fun of this girl because of her weight. It was an insightful book that tackled the subject of ‘bullying’.

3. Atari.

Who could forget our first video game console?  This was the first time we got to play such games at home.  It was awesome!

4. Stretchy belt.

All of our belts stretched until they fit.  It was convenient.

5. Benji.

This lovable animal had his own movie that we watched over and over.

6. Roller skates.

Remember wearing these at the roller rink?  Not many people had their own skates unless they thought they were going ‘pro’!

7. The General Lee.

This car was made famous in the TV show ‘Dukes of Hazzard‘. Everyone loved this car and we hoped that one day, we would have one of our own!

8. Rotary phones.

The one on the left was probably hanging in the kitchen while the other one was in your parent’s bedroom.

9. Cassette tape recorder.

We used this to record everyday things in our lives.  We recorded songs off the radio and TV and also just ourselves, goofing off. It was so much fun!

10. Friendship pins.

We used to make these for our friends to wear on their shoes. Making one of these meant a lot to the person that you were giving it to.