10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Super Bowl

1o. The first Super Bowl was held in 1967

It might seem like the Super Bowl has been around forever, but it only actually began in 1967.

In the very first Super Bowl, the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10.

It was held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on January 15th.

Sixty million people tuned in for the first broadcast, a number that has almost doubled nowadays.

9. Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest eating day in America

Even if you’re not a fan of the sport, you will probably be heading to a Super Bowl party just for all of the food.

You’ll probably be responsible for eating some of the estimated 1.25 BILLION chicken wings consumed on that day.

According to statistics, one hundred and twenty million pounds of avocado, four million pizza and 50 million cases of beer are all guzzled on what is the second biggest eating day of the year.

Thanksgiving is first, with them both beating out Christmas.

8. 12 NFL teams have never won the Super Bowl

According to Business Insider, a total of 12 NFL teams have never taken home the rings or the bonuses from the Super Bowl.

The Eagles recently took themselves off the list with their win last year.

Meanwhile, the Cleaveland Browns, the Buffalo Bills and the San Diego Chargers have never won.

There’s always next year lads!

7. The cost of advertisement is phenomenal

Up to the 2017 Super Bowl, advert slots cost around $5 million for just a 30-second spot.


When the Super Bowl first began back in 1967, slots cost a more reasonable $40,000.

Of course, prices have climbed every year since, as has the viewership.

The adverts have become as much a tradition as anything else when it comes to the Super Bowl, with many of the big companies going to great lengths to produce the best Super Bowl adverts, often enlisting A-listers to star in their ads.

6. Most of the players come from the same 11 schools

Although their teams may differ widely, many of the Super Bowl quarterbacks actually share the same schools.

As of 2017, universities Notre Dame, Michigan and Stanford were tied for the most alumni with Super Bowl appearances.

They all have seven each. Perdue came in second place with sixth.

Tied for third place is Louisiana Tech, UCLA, Alabama, Tennessee, Navy, California, and Miami.

5. Tom Brady is the Super Bowl’s most successful quarterback

The 40 year old superstar of sport, Tom Brady, has the most Super Bowl appearances and wins of any quarterback in history.

He plays for the New England Patriots and has won a total of four Super Bowls.

Had the New England Patriots beaten the Philadelphia Eagles last year, he would have racked up his fifth.

He has appeared in a total of eight Super Bowls altogether, with his ninth being this year’s Super Bowl.

4. This is the reason roman numerals are used

The roman numeral system used in Super Bowl came after NFL officials wanted to avoid confusion.

This is due to the championship game being played the year after the corresponding season has ended.

The idea was thought of by Lamar Hunt, former owner of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Football is usually played beginning in the autumn of one year, then the Super Bowl falls in the beginning of the next year. The tradition began with Super Bowl V in 1971 and has continued ever since.

3. Some Super Bowl tickets are more than a years wages

For this year’s Super Bowl, the cheapest ticket costs over $2,900. That’s for the cheapest!

From this, the average ticket price is actually about $5,682.

The most expensive tickets can cost more than a whopping $93,000.

In comparison, the median salary of Americans who work a 40 hour week is only $44,148, less than half of what the most expensive Super Bowl tickets cost.

2. Stars are not paid to perform the coveted halftime show

There have been some rumours for a long time that the halftime acts are paid stupid amounts to perform, or contradictory to that, the artists actually pay the NFL to be able to perform. Both of these are false.

The NFL does not pay an “appearance fee” to the artist, but it does cover all the expenses for the performers as well as the cost of staging.

In terms of artists paying the NFL, they do allegedly ask performers to ensure their performance with money.

Katy Perry confirmed that she did not pay to perform at the Super Bowl in 2016.

1. Many footballs are used during the game

One of the biggest priorities for the NFL is making sure footballs are properly inflated to avoid cheating.

For each normal game, teams usually breaks in 12 footballs ahead of time which are then used during the game.

These footballs are presented to officials and inspected precisely two and a quarter hours before the game.

During Super Bowl XLIX, each time got 54 balls, making a total of 108 balls.