10 Things That Will Take You Straight Back To Your School Days

When you went to school everyone told you that is was going to be the best part of your life but you thought those people were barmy! But now that you have grown up you can look back and see that it really was the best time of your life.  These things below will remind you of your school days in the 80s.

1. Come and Praise

You had to have these during the assembly to sing hymns.

2. P.E. Apparatus

You dreaded P.E. class when you knew you had to face this.

3. Marvin PVA Glue

This stuff was amazing and had tons of uses.

4. Glue Spreaders

You used these to spread the Marvin glue onto your school project.

5. The Peel!

This is and was the true purpose of Marvin Glue!

6. Head Bag

These were definitely the most popular school bags ever. Even though I didn’t have one I sure dreamed of having one one day. I think I eventually got one when I was in College.

7. Rolling Chalk Board

Remember seeing something rude drawn on the backside of these? I sure did and if the teacher caught the one that did it they sure had hell to pay.

8. Multilink Cubes

Even though they were supposed to be used for math we built robots with them! Who else build all kinds of things with these so called math cubes?

9. School Benches

You could find these in every school! They sure bring back memories of my butt hurting after about 10 minutes of sitting on one of there lovely benches.

10. The Scissors

Every single pair had to be accounted for before we could go home. And if they were not then we had some serious searching to be done before we could go home.